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Inspired by Clients. Driven by Data. Fueled by Hugs.

Why choose SnappSales?

Because we actually Care. Because we absolutely love Sales. Because we absolutely love Marketing.
Because we actuality are passionate about seeing our clients grow thanks to  our efforts.

Others choose us because we get tangible results.


Every one of our clients gets complete, anytime access into the inner workings of their programs and projects. It doesn’t creep us out, we actually like it.

Is that weird?


We love simplicity.

In fact, we’ve built every facet of our agency from a UX perspective, equaling better marketing performance with fewer annoying headaches.


Not only do we live and breathe our client’s services, products and aspirations, we also show up at the family reunion Braai with a special salad (just kidding, well, unless we’re invited).


(Also known as “Management”)

Karen Wessels - Co-Founder


01-Karen-Wessels-compressorKaren co-founded SnappSales with Albert. She comes from a Sales, Marketing and Systems driven background and offers extensive input in the long-term vision of the business. She is great with people and offering creative insight into all client projects.

Karen absolutely adores dark chocolate, good coffee, funny people and creative writing.

My Top 5 Interests are:
1. Intellectually Stimulating Conversations
2. Great people
3. Travel
4. Architecture
5. Writing & Books

My Favorite Colour is: Green
My Star sign is: Gemini


Albert van Zyl - Co-Founder & CIO



02-Albert-van-Zyl-compressorAlbert co-founded SnappSales in 2015 with Karen. With a Sales, Marketing, Technical and Creative background he offers diverse strategic input. Albert is amazing when it comes to the strategic and long-term growth of the business. He has great insight into both the creative and systematic development of marketing strategies that work.

Albert loves running, anything to do with the outdoors and a good challenge on X-Box.

My Top 5 Interests are:
1. Great Food
2. Travel
3. Outdoors
4. Reading
5. Technology
6. Bitcoin

My Favorite Colour is: Blue
My Star sign is: Libra

Lynda Wessels - Admin Manager



04-Lynda-Wessels-compressorLynda finds peace within all things administrative and process-oriented. She enjoys creating structure and ensuring that our Accounting, Filing and Contracts are up to date.

Lynda is mad about baby elephants (she wishes she could own one!) and enjoys spending time painting Mandalas.

My Top 5 Interests are:
1. Animals
2. Reading
3. Watching TV
4. NASA Astronautical News
5. Facebook

My Favorite Colour is: Purple
My Star sign is: Leo


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