10 Ways to Stay Relevant During the Holiday Period

The holiday season is upon us and unless you’re in retail or selling something relevant for the season, your biggest worry is whether you will reach your sales goals during this period.

With bonuses to pay and December being a short working month, many business owners feel the pressure of staying relevant.

Here are 10 awesome ways to stay relevant during the holiday period:

  1. Embrace mobile friendliness: People are generally on the move during the holidays and are using their mobiles and tablets to access information. When creating content, pay attention to layout and size to make it more mobile friendly.
  2. Less text, more images: Again, because people are busier during this period with friends, family, shopping and vacations, they will most likely not have time to read lengthy posts. When creating content, focus on having attention-grabbing images with minimal text.
  3. Embrace your humorous side: Tis the season to be jolly! People are generally in a happier mood during this period and even the most serious of individuals will appreciate a good joke. Word of caution, keep humour clean and relevant to your industry.
  4. Focus on social media: Bump up your social media campaigns. If you were posting twice a week during the year, double that to four times per week. Update your cover photos with a season’s greetings image. Create season themed ads for your social media campaigns and engage through social media.
  5. Send greeting cards: Let your clients and prospects know you are thinking of them by sending a greeting card via email or through the mail. You can also use the opportunity to remind them of your offering, especially any deals you are running.
  6. Use automatic tools: This is the perfect time to use automatic tools to help you to schedule posts, engage with your audience and move them along the buying cycle automatically. Learn more about these tools here (5 Tools to Automate Your Social Media Campaigns)
  7. End of year countdowns: Countdown to the new year with a promotional item or sale. Add a big timer on your website that will grab attention and get people to sign up for the deal.
  8. Increase personalisation: Personalisation is a trend that’s risen even more this year. Bump up your campaigns by personalising it to each client persona. Learn more about personalisation and other techniques here (How to Build an Effective Email List)
  9. Pay attention to SEO: Use keywords that people will search for during the holiday period. You can use tools such as the Adwords Keyword Planner to choose the right keywords.
  10. Don’t forget the call to action: Mastering points 1-9 is all good and well, but if you don’t have a call to action, ultimately, your audience will not do anything with the information.

Use these 10 tips consistently to make it through the holiday period. If you need a consultation to remain relevant during the holiday period, contact us. We are also running a December-January service where we will create content for your brand and manage your social media pages to keep you relevant. Contact us for more information.

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