10 Web Design Trends You Should Know About

Web design is constantly changing – what looked good and modern in 2016 can appear outdated in just two years. Also, trends that were once dismissed as old-fashioned, can unexpectedly come back into style.

Here are web design trends for 2018:

  1. Illustration
  2. Minimalism
  3. Bold Typography
  4. Cinemagraphs
  5. Brutalism
  6. Saturated Gradients
  7. Serif Fonts
  8. Overlapping Image and Text
  9. Geometric Shapes and Patterns
  10. Hand-Drawn Fonts


More businesses are turning to graphic artists and illustrators for their website designs.


Unlike traditional text and images, illustrations create lively, character-driven information with personality and often a touch of humor.


Less is more – says most businesses in 2018. Some designers are defying standards on what a website should look like. Minimalism had become a trend among companies in all industries. It’s a great way to clear the clutter and help website visitors get to the content you want them to see.  Here’s a blog post we wrote about minimalism How Whitespace Moves Your Web Design Up 10 Notches

3.Bold Typography

Big and bold letters are in this year! We are seeing more websites with bold typography on their home pages.


This type of design looks great when the page has a minimalistic vibe.


A Cinemagraph refers to a high-quality GIF that runs in a continuous loop as per the video below.

GIFS like these have become a popular way to add movement to static pages and grab the reader’s attention.


In response to the increasing standardization of website design, some companies have opted for an asymmetrical, stark and non-conformist look. This trend has been coined “brutalism”.  Bloomberg is one company that showcases brutalism well, see below.


6.Saturated Gradients

Intensive colouring and gradients made their way into the trending space in 2017, but this trend is not going anywhere according to experts.


By using different colours, designers can create pages that burst with energy.

7.Serif Fonts

Serif fonts were avoided in the past because designers couldn’t find a way to make them look clean on websites. Fast forward to 2018, font improvements have made Serif fonts a popular choice.


This webpage shows how clean, modern and organised a Serif font can look.

8.Overlapping Image and Text

A lot of designers are stepping away from the traditional image and text below the image layout.


In this example, the text is peeking out of a corner and the site is misaligned – a perfect example of this new trend.

9.Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Creative shapes and patterns are showing up frequently on websites. This adds some character to an otherwise boring layout. Take a look at how this company applied geometric patterns to their homepage.

10.Hand-drawn fonts

Although some designers have used hand-drawn fonts in the past, they only started becoming popular in 2017 –and for good reason. Hand-drawn fonts gives that elegant feel. It adds character to written content.



We are seeing some great trends popping up and hope you can take some tips from these 10 trends. Which trends are you applying this year?