3 Proactive Ways to Keep your Sales Funnel Filled

Are you generating enough qualified leads to keep your sales funnel full? Any sales department knows that without qualified leads, the business cannot operate; so keeping the sales funnel filled should be the most important activity for the sales department.

Also known as a revenue cycle, a sales funnel is the buying process from the beginning of a relationship with a customer, to the end of a sale. Each sales department has their own model for keeping their sales funnel filled, with  the model  dependent on the type of company they run,. Here are our three proactive ways to keep your sales funnel full:

Referral Program

In order to drive referrals to your business, implement a two-step referral program:

  1. Partner with other companies to exchange referrals. Only partner with companies you can trust and that you would be proud to recommend to your own clients.
  2. Allow your current client base to refer other people to your business, and award points for each successful sale resulting from a referral. Clients can redeem their points for free products or services from you.

It’s also important to make the referral process simple so that sending a referral is as easy as clicking a link, and inputting an email address or phone number. A referral program should not make your client’s life difficult.

Another tip is to make sure that your clients are well informed about  what you offer. This will also increase the quality of the referrals you will receive.

Always thank all  referral sources regardless of whether they purchase from you or not. This will encourage your clients to continue to refer people whom they think might be interested in your business.

Live Chat

Include a live chat on your website. Research shows that the majority of prospects appreciate the ability to receive quick responses to their questions.

The idea is that when a prospective customer browses your website and wants to purchase, but has a question regarding the  products, the live chat representative can answer immediately, which results in your business saving the sale.

Proactive customer service does not only keep your current client base happy, but it also turns them into advocates for your brand – they will be proud to mention you to their circles, which in turn keeps your sales funnel full.


One of the most proactive ways for filling up your sales funnel is through networking. Networking is about building relationships in less than 10 minutes. You will have to have a very good elevator speech to turn prospects into clients.

Be selective of which networking events you will attend. Only attend those that you feel will provide the best opportunity to increase your brand awareness and overall reach.

During the network event:

  1. Introduce yourself to at least three different people.
  2. Be yourself.
  3. Keep a note of who you have met
  4. Be sure to follow up with prospects after the event.

5 don’ts for keeping your sales funnel filled:

  1. Don’t send out marketing materials to an untargeted list.
  2. Don’t leave the follow-up call or email in the hands of the client.
  3. Don’t automatically add networking contacts to your email marketing mailing lists.
  4. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver.
  5. Don’t sell, solve a problem.


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