3 Ways to Stop Marketing to the Wrong People

by Dec 1, 2016Inbound Marketing, Marketing

3 Ways to Stop Marketing to the Wrong People

Many companies do not see marketing as a core business activity, but as AJ Agrawal (CEO of Alumnify) says, “unless you can work solely on referrals, you’re going to have to find clients and prove your worth.”

Research proves that 39 percent of small business owners in the US don’t invest in marketing at all. This statistic is not significantly different in other parts of the world.

Start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses often bypass marketing efforts to avoid the upfront costs. This leads to the targeting of wrong accounts, and essentially marketing to the wrong people. In the end, they see no valuable return on investment.

To achieve a return on investment, companies should consider placing a budget on sales and marketing. Failure to do this can mean business closure.

How to Stop Targeting the Wrong Accounts

Once you’ve set aside a marketing budget, you want to employ certain strategies to target the right people and get the best return on investment. To help you, here are 3 ways to stop marketing to the wrong people:

1. Nurture and cultivate qualified leads only

Many businesses spend their time trying to convert leads they know nothing about. Rather spend time nurturing qualified leads only. A qualified lead is one that you can clearly identify. You should have:

  • A name
  • Their email address
  • Customer profile (needs, budget etc.)

When you’re aware of what your prospects are looking for upfront, you can write customised content and advertise the right products to them. Ask for more detail on your website and landing pages to get the right information. If a lead does not give you any information, contact them to request it. Don’t nurture the lead until you have that information.

2. Make use of marketing personas

Do you know who buys your product and what kind of marketing style they prefer? Reason why businesses should align their marketing to personas. A persona helps you to avoid sending the wrong material to your prospects. It allows you to tailor your message style, voice and make it more compatible for the person you are advertising to.

How do you create marketing personas?

Creating marketing personas starts when you’re gathering prospect information on your website, landing page or sales calls. You can ask them a series of questions that will allow you to place them in certain brackets.

Types of questions to ask:

  1. What problems are you facing in your business?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. What is your company known for?
  5. Which campaign, if any, have you appreciated?

3. Use long-tail keywords

Are you using one or two-word keywords in your content?

Well, this will put you in competition with so many other companies that offer the same service. Rather use long-tail keywords to minimise competition.

In addition, people have changed their online search habits. They’re now searching through voice recognition programs such as Siri (Apple)and Google voice. This turns their keywords into long-tail keywords rather than one or two-word keywords.

Instead of searching “South African labour laws” for example, they will speak onto their phone; “My boss has fired me inappropriately, where do I find labour laws in South Africa?”

If you can create a longer tail keyword with more than three words you will attract better leads.