4 Common Mistakes You’re Making in Your Marketing Strategy and How to Fix Them

by Feb 9, 2017Inbound Marketing, Marketing

4 Common Mistakes You’re Making in Your Marketing Strategy and How to Fix Them

Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customer where you’re communicating the value your company can bring and your customer communicates his/her agreement by buying into it. Marketing done wrong can lead to a negative image which further translates into fewer sales.

Here are four marketing rookie mistakes every business owner should avoid:

1. Failing to target specific groups of people

Marketing to an untargeted list is not only unwise but costly. You may receive the engagement you’re looking for, but some of it will come from the wrong people. People who don’t genuinely have an interest in your product, but thought your ad looked good and therefore clicked on it. As you may know, advertising providers will charge you for every click whether genuine or not, leaving you with a depleted budget and unqualified leads.

To avoid this, define who your target market is, to the smallest detail such as age. This will help you to reach a better audience and pay for ads that result in genuine leads.

2. Hiring an SEO “expert”

“My name is x from Chicago.  I noticed you’re still using older SEO methods that are out of date.

My team has ranked some of our clients over Wal-Mart, Amazon and eBay. For clients doing local campaigns, we’ve also provided results that are 3 times faster and cost 4X less than traditional SEO tactics. We guarantee that we can get you on the first page of Google.

We guaranteed results in 90 days or our client’s money back in full.

I would be happy to send you a digital marketing analysis (Free of Charge).

Ever received a similar email? Unfortunately, there are many business owners who fall victim to this deception.

There are no such things as instantaneous results in digital marketing. No expert can guarantee to place you on the first page of Google.

To avoid these SEO scams and other digital marketing hoaxes, partner with a reputable company that not only helps you to rank on search engines but educates you on how to implement a content strategy that will work for your business.

3. Failing to adhere to best practices

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to build an audience, yet so many business owners fail to do it right. How many times do you receive an email from a company you never signed up to? How did it make you feel?

I’m sure you felt annoyed and wondered where they got your details. Perhaps you even deleted the email and blocked the sender, I know that’s what I do.

Sending unwanted emails can hurt your brand, therefore, never add someone to a mailing list without permission. Meeting someone at a networking event does not give you permission to add them to your mailing list either, you must explicitly ask whether you may add them to your list.

In addition, use a good email marketing service like Aweber or Mailchimp to build your email list. This will make you look more professional.

Here are other best practices when it comes to email marketing.

4. Taking the DIY approach and failing to understand the customer

I get that as a business owner you want to wear many hats to save on costs, but if think about it further, you will realise that rebranding an image is costlier than doing it right the first time.

If you want an excellent brand image you should hire an expert who can come up with creative ideas for your brand, develop professional marketing material and present it in the best way.

Finally, you need to understand what your customer’s problems are so that you may better serve them. Describe your ideal customer’s needs and how your business can fill them.