4 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Reaching out to Prospects

So you’ve done your research, gathered your leads and prepared your approach to contacting a prospect. You’ve polished your wording and you’ve spent many hours rehearsing your pitch.

You call or email the client and breathe a sigh of relief.

But when you look at your stats, they aren’t what you expected. Nobody has bought into your value proposition and you feel so depressed that you wasted all that time perfecting your approach.

If this sounds like you, you could be making these four mistakes:

Giving too much information

Aim not to oversell when reaching out to prospects. If you sound too desperate and pushy, your prospects will sense it and will run in the opposite direction.

You need to give just enough information for the prospect  to understand your value proposition and know how to buy into it. Any other information is irrelevant.

Failing to send your messages through multiple channels

Did you only use one method to contact the prospect? We live in a multi channel world where people get their information from many sources. If you capitalise on that you could reach your prospects on their preferred channel.

Failing to include a call to action

So you contacted the prospect through email or your preferred channel and they are interested in doing business with you. But how do they buy in?

You have to tell your prospect how they can buy into your offering. This is called the call to action. Tell your prospects whether they should call you, email you or fill in a form. Just make sure that whatever method you choose is simple and easy for the prospect to buy in.

Failing to follow up

You contacted the prospect once and they told you they’d get back to you. Time goes by and still no contact- what do you do?

Many sales people make the mistake of leaving it all to the prospect. Your prospects are busy and therefore could easily forget you ever called them

When you are contacting a prospect make sure you inform them that you will contact them on a certain date should you not hear from them.