5 Good Things We Can take away from Traditional Marketing Methods

5 Good Things We Can take away from Traditional Marketing Methods

Everywhere I look it seems everyone is doing the same thing. Are you bumping up your blog content? 80% of companies are doing that. Are you indulging in social media ADs and boosts? 90% of businesses are doing that too!

Although new methods of marketing are great and they work, It is now apparent that the online market has become saturated with businesses all doing the same thing. Most of us have dismissed traditional marketing methods and forgotten its impact. For this reason, in this blog post, I will discuss five good things that we can take away from traditional methods of marketing.

What constitutes traditional marketing methods?

In simple terms, traditional marketing methods are those used before the internet. It includes direct sales, radio, TV, mail, print media (i.e magazines, catalogues, brochures, coupon books, billboards and so forth). Although there are companies still using these methods today, the amount is small. Here’s why:

  1. Affordability. Traditional marketing is often expensive. Purchasing space on TV or in a newspaper column can cost double or even three times than internet marketing. For small businesses, this is often not an option.
  2. Difficult to measure. It’s difficult to track how many were referred to you via radio, TV or the likes. Internet marketing presents fancy and detailed charts that show you how your ADS have performed.
  3. Cannot personalise messages. Yes, traditional marketing doesn’t allow for proper segmentation such as personalising email marketing campaigns or AB testing. One must create an overall message/AD and hope people will buy in.

From the three points above, one may be discouraged to even consider traditional marketing, however, there are reasons to invest in it. Here are five reasons to employ traditional marketing methods:

1. You reach a wide audience instantly

One can argue that the benefit of investing in traditional marketing far outweighs the cost. Take radio for example. If you advertise your business on a popular radio station during prime-time, you may get thousands of people inquiring about your business. What’s even better is these people are already interested and just need to hear more.

With internet marketing, even if much cheaper, you are paying for every click, whether somebody clicked in error or not. Sometimes these clicks can result in no business at all. This is because not all businesses are successful on the internet – some thrive with traditional marketing methods.

2. These ADS ‘stick’ with your audience

Somehow things we hear on the radio, TV or things we read in a newspaper stick with us longer than something we see on our Facebook timelines for example. If an AD has a nice ring to it, we’re bound to be singing it or thinking about it long after the AD is already finished.

Traditional marketing has the advantage of grabbing your full attention. When you’re in the car listening to the radio, you’re giving all your attention to only two things; driving and listening to the radio. You’re not distracted by other ADS popping up on your screen which helps these ADS to ‘stick with us’.

3. It may be the only way of finding your audience

Many companies don’t do much to study their target market these days. This, I believe, is the reason for the saturated internet marketing problem. You must evaluate whether traditional methods may be the only method for you to find your desired clients.

Take retired women and men for example. Much of them are not using the internet or social media platforms. If you’re trying to target this group, traditional marketing methods work better.

4. You bring back the human touch

Methods like direct selling allows you to perform demonstrations and connect with your audience. Furthermore, many people prefer to do business with someone they have already seen in person ad with whom they can trust. Establishing this trust is a little bit difficult online, but in person, it is much easier.

5. You provide tangible materials

Traditional marketing methods provides tangible materials that people can keep in their home or office and pick it up to read at any time. There’s something to be said about brochures, newspapers and catalogues – we all keep them in a bunch on our coffee table, bedroom side table or study. When visitors come over, they can have a read too!

What type of marketing is best?

Some business thrive in the online world while others prefer traditional methods. In the end, it all depends on you and your business. You must evaluate which one works for you. I would go as far as to say to test both and see which one leads to the most rewards. Of course, affordability comes to play here. If you’re not able to afford traditional marketing then you’ve got to stick to the wonderful world of the internet!

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