5 Sales tips for the best Salesperson

They are the shining stars in the sales team. They’re the ones driving the “expensive” car, winning the sales trip each year, making target month after month. You know who I’m talking about, it’s the sales superstar, the top performing sales rep in your team.

How do they manage this? How do they stay top of the sales board every month? And more importantly, how do you get be successful like them?

If you ever took the opportunity to connect with them and ask how do they do it, they’ll more often than not list at least 4 of the following sales tips:

1. Be prepared to close at every sales call

Practice the outcome of each sales call by visualising the close before going to the meeting. Make sure you are prepared to read the closing signs and to do business right then and there.

2. Set aside time daily for prospecting

Any salesperson worth their salt will have a  successful sales funnel building system. Take time every day to do your prospecting. Book the time in your calendar and don’t allow distractions to divert you from this very important task.

3. Make following up a habit

Be self-disciplined and make the effort to follow up on calls. Do the follow up sales meeting, be punctual and be ready.

4. Actively reach out to your “warm prospect” list

Actively work through your warm prospect list on a daily basis. These are people that you have contacted in the past and didn’t show much interest then. Start building that relationship and turn this warm lead into a hot one.

5. Don’t give up on cold leads

Put a system in place where you periodically make contact with cold leads. You never know when the time is right for the prospect and you want to make sure you’re front in line when they do.


Being the sales superstar will take time and effort, however, it is possible to become the best salesperson at your organization with smart work, follow up and sound sales funnel building processes.

What are your favourite tips as a successful salesperson? We would love to hear from you!