5 Tips to Attract Your Ideal Client

1.    Draw Up an Ideal Client Profile

In order to attract your ideal client, you need to have a “picture” of their characteristics, age, gender, location and habits. When you know who your ideal client is you can better plan your marketing strategies to focus on attracting the right people.

Use our checklist below to create your ideal client profile.


2.    Build a Brand

Create a unique identity of your value offering by relating it to your ideal client, so that they are able to identify themselves with your brand. When a client is able to relate to your values, logo, sign, image and benefits, they will be more attracted to your product or service. Branding helps the potential clients to easily find you in the sea of other companies who offer the same product or service. With time, your image will be associated with a certain feeling, thought or degree of credibility.

An example of great brand positioning is Coca-Cola. They have positioned themselves as the most trusted beverage company since 1982. Is Coca-Cola the best soft drink in the market? Maybe not, but consumers have been loyal to their brand because of their unique selling point that it’s a refreshing drink that should be part of everyday life around the world.

3.    Provide a Clear Value Proposition

“A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using your products or services. It is outcome focused and stresses the business value of your offering.” – Karen Wessels

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can I offer my clients?
  • Why would they purchase from me?
  • What problems am I solving?
  • What unique positive experience do clients receive when they use my product or service?

Karen hosted a detailed series on value proposition, you may view it here.

4.    Network with Your Target Market

If you want to attract the right clients, you will have to find out where they frequently visit and make an effort to go to those places for networking purposes. Find out where your clients spend most of their time and purposely interact with them to build a following.

5.    Present a Quality Product or Service

You can do all of the above but without a quality product or service you will not be able to retain your clients. Successful entrepreneurs build loyalty to their brand by fostering a great experience for their clients. Work on developing your product before you put it out to the world.


Attracting your ideal client is one of the best strategies for sales success. By targeting the people who automatically need your product or service, you can save all the time wasted on unsuccessful marketing efforts.

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