5 Unusual but Interesting Ways to Keep Your Customers Loyal

While the usual thank you card works to keep some customers loyal, people in Customer Service can always find new and interesting ways to “wow” their customers.

It reminds me of a movie called Finding Forrester where Sean Connery is playing a withdrawn writer named Forrester. In the movie, Forrester mentors a young man (Jamal) who also has a talent for writing. As time goes on, Jamal falls in love with a student named Claire. Jamal wants to get Claire a gift but he is not sure what to get her. He receives some advice from Forrester who says, “The key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.”

This quote is spot on. If you really want to wow someone you will have to do something out of the ordinary. The same goes for Customer Service. Customers always expect a thank you card, but what if they receive something that they never expected? This is sure to wow them and keep them coming back for more.

Here are 5 unusual but interesting ways to keep your customers loyal:

1.    Start a Loyalty Program

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Loyalty programs are a great way to improve sales. The more they buy, the more points they accumulate and the greater chance they have to win a prize. Create a unique loyalty program specifically for your company. You don’t have to be a large company to do this, you can create your own loyalty program using systems like Shoutem, which is affordable and simple to use.

2.    Mention a Customer Publicly

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Mention a customer on your social media or website. Thank the customer for their service and aim to make it personal. Your customer will be proud to be associated with you and you will probably get a share or retweet to their network.

3.    Send a Card on an Unusual Day

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Every customer gets a card on their birthday, mother’s day and Christmas day, but what if you sent a card on an unusual holiday like compliment day? This will not only give your customers a good laugh, but will allow your card to stand out in the midst of all the other typical cards they receive.

4.    Send a Treat, Just Because

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Treat your customers to a nicely packaged treat of goodies. Make sure to educate yourself on the customer’s likes and dislikes first as you don’t want to send chocolate to a fitness guru for example.

5.    Purchase Coffee for a Long Distance Customer

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Customers who stay far away often times feel neglected. Why not purchase a coffee and have it delivered to them? If they don’t drink coffee send them something else, the point is to surprise your long-distance customers and make them feel important.

Those are 5 unusual ways to “wow” your customers and keep them loyal. Did you like this post and would like to receive more information on how you can retain your customers? Book a free consultation here.