8 Ways to Be Exceptional Daily

Most salespeople want to succeed, but often, they find it’s easier said than done. Those who do succeed realise that it’s not the most skilled person who excels at sales, but it’s the one who puts in the most effort. Choosing to ‘show up’ every day will ultimately lead the tortoise to win the race against the hare.

Here are eight ways to be exceptional daily!

  1. Become Passionate
  2. Concentrate on Goals
  3. Learn from Others
  4. Picture the End State
  5. Eliminate Negative Self-Talk
  6. Remember Your Successes
  7. Be Honest with Yourself
  8. Reward Yourself

1.  Become Passionate

What is your motivation for what you do?

Why do we ask this? First, because when you’re doing something out of love and passion, you easily find the motivation to do the right thing. You don’t oversell products simply to make your targets and clients trust your judgement. Establishing trust is important in sales. Trust will ultimately push prospects to purchase from you. Second, because selling is no walk in the park and you’ll need to remain motivated to be successful. The best way to remain motivated is to have a passion for what you do.

Value proposition is important too. Make sure what you’re selling provides significant value to others, and that these products are things you believe in and perhaps own as well. When a salesperson doesn’t believe in his own products it shows in his demeanour.

Document your “why” on a board and keep it nearby for when you need encouragement. If you have the right reasons to sell, you will be a successful salesperson.

2.  Concentrate on Goals

Nobody ever succeeded without setting goals and measuring their progress against their goals. You must have goals and they must be written down somewhere—where you can see them daily, like your office wall or your desktop wallpaper.

Sales goals help you keep motivated and prevents you from being complacent. Have you ever met that salesperson who makes one big deal and then folds his hands for the rest of the day? Don’t become that salesperson. Keep changing your goals as you reach certain milestones. If you made your target for this month, increase the next month’s target and immediately start working on it.

Of course, goals without discipline and consistency is pointless. You must set action items for how you will achieve your goals. Consider how many calls, appointments and emails you must send to reach your goals. Break down every goal into every-day actionable items.

3.  Learn from Others

The sales process never changes—the only thing that changes is a salesperson’s approach to sales. Therefore, you can pick up certain strategies, behaviours and tips from other successful salespeople, whether this be a colleague, an author or a famous person.

Try different strategies and see which one work for you. For instance, some salespeople prefer to establish trust by being personable and not using a script when talking on the phone, while others think a script helps them be more comfortable on the phone. See what others do and figure out whether it works for you.

4.  Picture the End State

You will have moments where you don’t have the motivation to just make one more call or to just see one more client. To this, we say, picture the end state. This means thinking about and visualising how good it will be once you hit your target.

Picture yourself benefiting from your hard work and it will surely give you reason to continue.

5.  Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Positive self-talk is proven to reduce anxiety and stress. It also leads to better coping skills. The positive thinkers and motivational speakers of this world may be onto something. According to Loretta Breuning, author of “Habits of a Happy Brain: Retrain Your Brain…”, we have the power to rewire our brain by spending only one minute each day looking for the positives instead of focusing on the negatives.

If you constantly tell yourself that you will be successful, at a certain point your brain will believe you. Start seeing your glass as half full instead of half empty. Also, keep optimistic friends on speed dial so you can rely on them for a positive boost when you need it most.

6.  Remember Your Successes

Revisiting previous triumphs always gives one a little boost of motivation. Plus, it will help you remember that you are indeed capable of achieving your goals—you did it before, what’s stopping you now?

Have a book of successes where you can document every milestone you’ve ever achieved, including those in your personal life. Then, revisit this book often to get a little bit of an ego boost!

7.  Be Honest with Yourself

We mentioned honesty with clients, but what about self-honesty? This means realising when you’re failing and seeking help. There are far too many salespeople trying to do everything themselves—seek expert help when you need it.

What type of help can you get?

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Virtual assistance

You can always bring in an expert when you are not achieving results on your own. Contact us to find out more.

8.  Reward Yourself

If you’re setting goals for yourself, why not match it with a reward? This should motivate you enough to put in the effort to achieve your goals.

Don’t wait for a manager or a team leader to recognise you for a job well done. Do it yourself by matching a reward to every goal. Your rewards needn’t be extravagant either. How about treating yourself to a spa treatment when you reach your target? Or buying yourself a nice treat when you’ve made 100 calls that day?

Whether your rewards are personal or offered by your employer, they are a great way to give you the extra push to keep going.