Adding Value to Your Prospect Interactions

We have all at one point felt bombarded with communication from sales people with information that sometimes is irrelevant to us or information that might be relevant, but is conveyed incorrectly. Sometimes sales people annoy us, that is true. But with that being said, there is a way to communicate to your prospects without having the annoying factor.

Research shows that only 2% of prospects buy within the first interaction. This could be because these prospects were already interested in the product before you interacted with them. For the remaining 98%, you will have to create a level of trust before you can make a sale.

How do you as a sales person add value to your prospect interaction?

Ask Relevant Questions

As mentioned above, irrelevant information can cause your prospects to run the other away, therefore, it is important to send communication that elicits a response from your prospects.

Ask how you can help them.  Open ended questions work best because it gives the prospect more room to give you additional information. Make them feel that you can be their first point of contact for queries or questions.

Be A Story Teller

In a content marketing study conducted in September 2015, it was discovered that 82% of B2B marketers produce case studies and 65% of those marketers said that case studies are effective for their organization.

Share testimonials, success stories and advice with your prospects. Offer solutions in your communications. Make the prospect feel grateful to have seen your email or post. Remind them of your value offering through success stories.

Don’t Spam

Avoid spamming your prospects’ accounts. Send mail only when it matters. There is a misconception that if you do not contact a prospect regularly they forget about you-this is far from the truth. If your value offering is worth the prospect’s time, they will not forget about you.

Send newsletters, updates, offers etc. Don’t send a mail asking how your prospect is doing-get to the point, you are not at that level of relationship yet.

Another tip is to make client interaction personable. Avoid copying and pasting standard templates to your emails and avoid using scripts for phone conversations.

Use Social Networks

Communication via social media is the most effective because most people go through their social media feeds daily. In a report conducted by Global Web Index it was found that:

  • The most popular activity on Twitter is reading a news story
  • The most popular activity on Facebook is clicking the “Like” button

Publish posts on social media with the above in mind. Keep it short and simple. Be relevant. People are busy, they will probably not read your extensive emails so use this platform to educate.

Be True to Yourself

At the end of the day be true to who you are. Don’t do things because another successful salesperson did it and became successful. Be who you are and the right clients will come to you!