Welcome to SnappSales

We are constantly looking for great people to join our amazing team!

So, if you believe you are amazing, looking for a great opportunity and are willing to work for your money, then please complete Part One of our Online Application.

  1. In order to do this part of the application you will need : a laptop / PC, stable internet and a phone (mobile or landline).
  2. Look at the Slider below and follow the instructions carefully on how to upload your voice recording.
  3. Go to This Website (Online Voice Recorder) 
  4. Record a 1 minute clip where you tell us why we should invite you for an interview.
  5. Upload your clip in the form to the right and complete all other details.
  6. Wait for us to contact you, if you are a good match for our company, we will definitely be in touch.
  7. Please note: If we have not contacted you within 5 days after you submitted your recording, deem yourself as unsuccessful.