Become a Marketing Leader in Your Field with these 6 Great Tips

by Apr 9, 2017Lead Generation, Marketing

Become a Marketing Leader in Your Field with these 6 Great Tips

Every business is in the ‘business of sales’, whether they want to believe it or not. Whether you’re a B2C or a B2B company, you are getting your clients through some form of marketing. Yes, word of mouth is a form of marketing too. If you want to become a marketing leader, however, there are certain things you must do:

To get clients for your business, you must take part in some form of marketing. The first tip is to invest in marketing. A low budget for marketing can get you to create campaigns, but they’re not likely to achieve the growth you’re looking for. Research shows that businesses who do well in marketing invest in marketing. You’re going to have to allocate a marketing budget if you’re serious about becoming a marketing leader. You can use the budget to:

  • Purchase appropriate tools to automate your lead generation
  • Subscribe to platforms that allow you to build creative marketing designs
  • Spend on Ads and get your brand to a wide audience

Once you’ve invested in marketing, invest in yourself as well. This is the second tip. If you’re going to become a marketing leader you need to work on getting the right skills. Take marketing courses and attend conferences to gain those skills. Also, rub shoulders with other marketing leaders by attending networking events.

Read! And I mean read A LOT. This is tip number three. There is no secret to marketing, all the methods to becoming a marketing leader have already been written. Your job is to unlock those methods by reading all the books you can lay your hands on. Reading will not only introduce you to proven ideas but will also allow your creative juices to flow. You never know, you may just develop a cutting-edge methodology by studying and then renovating someone else’s method.

The fourth tip is to adopt the Purple Cow mentality. What is a purple cow? A purple cow is something or someone that stands out like a sore thumb. As Seth Godwin explains in his book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, to become a marketing leader you need to stand out from the rest. Find unique ways to differentiate yourself from the competition and you may just make a memorable mark in the universe.

The fifth tip is to build alliances with your sales team. We all know that sales and marketing tend to butt heads, but this is only because they don’t understand each other. To be great at marketing, the sales team should be on board. Hold regular meetings as a collective group and discuss campaigns, clients, or even just what everyone thinks of your company’s approach to things.

Finally, make sure you keep up to date with the latest and future trends. Everyone can do marketing, but what separates a follower from a leader is knowledge.