How to Build a Convincing Landing Page

by Jun 6, 2017B2B Lead Generation, Sales

How to Build a Convincing Landing Page

Most organisations have many offerings, but sometimes, they just want to promote one core offering to their audience. Landing pages are a great way to highlight one of your products or offerings. If you’re not building them, you are missing out on a great opportunity to attract more leads.

Why build a landing page in the first place?

Here’s a test:

Create a few AD campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram, and link these ADS to your website’s home page.

Once your campaigns are over, have a look at your metrics (Google Analytics). You may notice that you’re losing your audience along the way. Perhaps you received over 1000 clicks to your home page, but zero clicks to your checkout page. Why is this?

This is a clear indication that your home page is not having the desired effect that you envisioned. It means that somewhere along the line, you have lost your audience’s interest. There are many factors that can be at play here, but the main reason is that your audience is not happy with the website or they have no clue of how to purchase what was advertised.

Landing pages fix all these issues. With a landing page:

  • You can show your audience exactly what was advertised
  • There are no other distracting links or menus
  • You focus the reader’s attention to why they clicked your AD
  • You can optimise your call-to-action

Now that you’re convinced that you need to start building landing pages, we will discuss how to make them persuasive enough so that you can drive traffic, shares and search results.

How to make a killer landing page

For this, we will use a perfect example of a killer landing page created by Hootsuite. If you don’t know, Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools available. The tool helps you to schedule posts, track results and manage your social media community. Below is their latest landing page;

Let’s have a look at what makes this page great!

1.   The page has a clear purpose

There are three questions that every reader will ask when they land on your page:

  • What am I doing here?
  • What can I do here?
  • Why should I do it?

If you can answer these three questions on your landing page, you will succeed in convincing the reader to become a client…or to at least fill in the form. Hootsuite answered these three questions with their landing page. If you’re not sure, here’s how:

  • What am I doing here? (Because you want to get serious about social)
  • What can I do here? (You can join the 10+ millions of people who trust Hootsuite to help them to get serious about social)
  • Why should I do it? (It’s free and 10+ million people trust it)

2.   A simple call-to-action

A common mistake organisations make is to develop complicated call-to-actions. This often deters your readers from signing up.

What you should do is make the call-to-action clear, understandable and simple. Hootsuite did this efficiently by making it clear that you need to sign up for free to start using their tool. What’s even better, they give you many options to sign up. Instead of filling in a form, you can use an existing social media account to sign up!

3.   A captivating image

Although we feel that Hootsuite could’ve done a little better with the image on this landing page, we still feel that they have done a great job to highlight the purpose of the page with minimal distraction. When choosing an image, search for one that will not only captivate your audience, but that represents your brand personality as well.

4.   Element of proof

As expected, readers will want to know what makes you an expert. Why should they sign up with you when the business down the road can serve them?

This is the element of proof. One must tell their audience right away that they’re well qualified to be offering whatever it is that they’re offering. In the Hootsuite landing page, one of the first things you will see is that 10+ millions of professionals trust them. This will immediately spark your interest to find out why people trust this brand so much and why you aren’t “in the loop” yet.

Key takeaways

Landing pages are not only beneficial but necessary for any business. Business owners who take themselves seriously will consider ways to make their landing pages stand out. There are many factors that make a great landing page:

  • Purpose
  • Call to action
  • Visuals
  • Element of proof

SnappSales creates killer landing pages for clients across multiple industries. For more information on how to create a killer landing page or to hire a web designer, contact us.