How to build a Great Business Relationship.

Relationship? What does the word really mean to us? Well, it’s the way in which two or more people, or things connect, or the state of being connected .Another great synonym for relationship is Alliance.
In today’s way of living and going about our own stuff and ways, we tend to forget , that building relationships (alliances) is so important and should not be put on the back end. All relationships have their ups and downs, but to make them work well, there has to be good communication and respect.
In the business world, Relationship Building is one of the key parts to grow , enhance and maintain a thriving business .Here is some suggestions to help you foster those important business relationships.

1. Contract between you and you client.

You will have to have a clear contract that shows, what will be done , when it will be done , and how success will be measured. This will automatically improve your relationship, when all things are clear.

2. Know your client.

Place yourself in your client’s shoes. How will you like to be treated? Take this, and apply to your client. Knowing them, will make them feel special – and we all like feeling special!

3. Questions? Ask them.

Getting your clients input and observations on the ongoing project, will not just make them feel useful , but also help the progress and enhance the performance .

4. Say no when needed.

If anything is asked to perform, which is not stated in the contract, say no! And give the reason why. Remember, the client isn’t always right.

5. Also say yes.

If you can make the client’s job easier and what needs to be done is within your capabilities, say yes! Even if it means that you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and work a little harder. The client will notice that and your value to them will grow.

6. Solve the problem.

Problem solving is one of the reasons you are here. To help where needed and appropriate. Sometimes the client is too close to the problem to see it. So you as an “outsider “will probably see it better, and this is when you need to step in.

7. Keep your distance.

As we build the business relationship, we also need to keep our distance to adhere to giving honest , open and expert advise . Your role in the relationship needs to be clear.

8. Stay focused.

Credibility will make sure that your relationship stays healthy. By doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. Always.

9. Learn as we go.

Listen to your clients solutions and try to approach projects with new solutions, and ways of doing. Combining thoughts may venture to a great idea.

10. Work at it.

When you have a good relationship with the client, keep working at it. As this will only help you in future. Projects with them , and their word of mouth to others.
So, from today forward, try that little bit harder to get to know your client that little bit better.
I want to end this off with a quote –
“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said“ – Peter Drucker