Can You Improve Your Sales by Managing Your Mindset?

When we talk about a successful salesperson most of us mention traits such as persuasive, good with people and a good listener. But we don’t really think about the mindset.

What does mindset have to do with sales?

Research has shown that positive thinking can improve every aspect of our lives, including our work.

One such study performed by Professor Barbara Fredrickson, a social psychologist for over 25 years, looked at how positive emotions affects our lives. Over a period of six weeks, a group of people were taught how to practice positive thinking and mindfulness.

Their routine involved professing well-being and good wishes for their lives. They would recite simple words such as “You are talented” and “You will do great”.

After the six weeks, she found that all the subjects experienced improved productivity, wiser decision-making, and increased confidence and well-being.

If positive thinking can improve these aspects of our lives, wouldn’t it make us better salespeople?

Let’s have a look…


If you’re able to see three clients per day and through positive thinking can increase that number to five, you have the chance to close more deals and make more money.

It also boosts your energy levels. You will have more energy to apply yourself to your work, get more done and avoid making mistakes.


Positive thinking helps you to respond to client objections better and generally make better decisions regarding your work.


We all know that the sales industry comes with plenty of rejection and therefore one has to learn to embrace it.

Positive thinking helps build your confidence and in turn, deal with rejection better. It will also help you to build a positive rapport with your clients. Who doesn’t like hanging around positive people?


Your mental health has the potential to affect your physical health. When you are physically healthy you have more time to dedicate to your work and consequently make more sales.

How to develop a positive mindset?

Often times we associate positive thinking with being happy or displaying an optimistic attitude. But it is much more than that.

It involves deliberately changing your thought patterns and words. As soon as you receive a negative thought concerning your work, you must immediately diffuse it with a positive thought.

Monitor your self-talk. You need to evaluate what you are saying to yourself daily as it becomes a self-prophesying reality. If you’re constantly saying you’re not good at cold calling you will never develop this skill.

Rather profess that you’re learning how to cold-call and you’re getting better at it every day.

The next method to a positive mindset is to focus on the positives. If you didn’t land a deal at least you got the opportunity to learn what clients are expecting right?

Lastly, you have to have a thirst for the mindset you want to create. This releases endorphins responsible for how you acquire, change and retain memory. The more passionate you are about your mindset, the more you’ll work at it.


Positive thinking has been mistaken as fluff or a fantasy by many. But more research is starting to show the benefits of this practice.

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