Becoming a Content Guru


By Greta Lamfel(Staff)

Not all content is created equal, in actual fact, the majority of Bloggers and Writers have at some point failed to create good content. In my experience as a Content Creator I have learned valuable lessons to creating better content. Here are four tips to upscale your content:

Understand the audience

To create great content one needs to know who they are writing for.  The main reason for this is that content can be tailored and written in the language and style the target audience will connect with.

When you get the language and style right in your content, you’re already ahead of many Content Creators out there.

To understand your audience, you might have to do a little snooping. Find out how they speak and which kind of words would grab their attention. I once posted the same picture with different styles of writing, on the first picture I wrote in a professional manner and on the other picture I included slang words. I found out that the post with the slang words performed better than the professional one. This is because my audience were teenagers to young adults who were looking for interesting images on Instagram.

Know the purpose

Every piece of content one creates should have a purpose. One needs to ask themselves what they want to achieve with their content. Do they want more subscribers? All of this needs to be clearly defined.

When you create your content make sure you first understand why you are creating that content because the wording as well as layout changes when purpose changes. For instance, if your main goal is to increase signups you will make sure to describe what the reader gets when he or she signs up. If increasing signups is not your ultimate goal and you would rather want to drive readers to your products, then you will describe the benefits of such products instead.

Be personable

In all my experience of content creating I have noticed that people relate more to a personal style of writing. There is already a plethora of generic information on the internet and hence readers prefer to read personal experiences.

Furthermore, readers want to feel like your BFF (Best Friends Forever) when reading your content. Invite them to be a part of your online circle by being more personable with your content.

Use quotes and fun facts

Interesting quotes and facts always attracts more readers. Add one or two throughout your content to liven it up!

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