One of the elements of a highly successful team is its culture. In the sales environment, the culture within the team can affect the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the entire company. Apply these 5 keys to create a good company culture:

1. Unified Vision and Collaboration Approach

Most of the time sales people work on their own, work from home or work directly at their clients. It can be easy for independent workers to lose track of the company’s overall vision and strategy. Keeping up to date with the rest of the team may also prove to be difficult.

Foster an environment of unity and collaboration within the sales team by having weekly meetings, company chat forums and mentor programs.

When your sales people feel as part of a team, they will be more focused on achieving the overall company objectives as they will know how their personal goals fit into those objectives.

2. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Hiring the right people for your sales team is great, but every team member has some weaknesses that could be improved. Some people form sales habits which unbeknownst to them, could be decreasing their sales. The role of the company owner is to make sure that these weaknesses are addressed.

The key to improving your sales team’s weaknesses is to provide CPD courses. CPD can take the form of traditional training, online courses, seminars or observation. Choose whichever form of CPD that works best for your sales team.

3. Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s)

Establishing the right KPI’s for your sales staff is one of the important keys to creating a good culture. When KPI’s are too ambiguous it could leave your sales team feeling discouraged.

KPI’s need to be-

  • Specific. It needs to be concise and clear, lacking any form of ambiguity.
  • Measurable.It needs to be quantifiable, meaning, numbers are important.
  • Achievable. It needs to be realistic. The sales team should be able to achieve the goals.
  • Relevant. It should be related to the sales teams’ everyday tasks.
  • Time bound. It needs to be well timed.

4. Rewards

Fostering an environment of rewards is another important factor for a good sales culture. People love to be recognised by other people, hence, if you reward your sales team for achieving their targets, they will be much more enthusiastic about working for you.

Because sales people work with numbers, your rewards should generally be quantifiable. An example can be giving R500 to each person who exceeded their target for that month. Whatever you do, aim to recognise your staff for the good work that they put out.

5. Resources

If you are setting targets for your sales team, make sure that they have all the resources necessary to achieve them. The right resources include the right tools and equipment that your sales team requires to perform their work effectively.

I worked in a company where we were expected to make a certain number of calls per day, but we could not reach our goals because the computers were faulty for over 50% of the time. Situations like these frustrate the sales team.

Support your team throughout the sales process by genuinely taking an interest in how they perform their work.

These are our 5 tips for creating an excellent B2B sales culture, but you can certainly apply it to any sales team. We encourage you to visit our other article titled “How to Gain a Competitive Sales Advantage in 2016  and we welcome your thoughts.