How to Create the Best Ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

by Jun 13, 2017Marketing, Social Media

How to Create the Best Ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

It seems that social media advertising has skyrocketed since the first ad went out on Facebook in 2005. It generates on average $11 billion in ad revenue, up from $6.1 billion in 2013. This means that a lot of businesses have caught onto to social media advertising…and rightfully so.

One question that clients ask us is how to optimise their ads on social media? This is a great question for three reasons:

  • If everybody is online and connected to at least one social media network, it’s only smart to meet your customers where they are
  • With the sea of businesses advertising on social media, some posts get lost in the mix
  • Some social media networks have implemented ad block settings that you should know about

To answer this question, we looked at the most popular social media advertising sites; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to create the best ads on Facebook

Facebook ads are placed in two sections; The right column ad (small square) and the newsfeed ad (big square). From our experience, the newsfeed ads perform better than the right column ads as most users see them as part of their normal feed.

Image: Facebook

This doesn’t mean that you should neglect the right column ads either. These ads work best when they have striking visuals and a compelling headline. A small tip: Use colours that pop-out like red, blue, orange or green.

Below is a clear example of a great Facebook ad. Why? For three main reasons:

  • Eye-catching. The striking image makes one want to take a second look. Plus, Amazon used warm colours too
  • Less text. Ads with too much text don’t do so well. This is according to Facebook developers. You want to make sure that your image to text ratio is 80 to 20.
  • Call to action. All through the ad, the words “Check out today’s deals” are present. The word “Today” tells me that if I don’t click on this ad today, I may miss out on the deal – urgency.

Important things to know

Facebook has implemented an ad blocking setting. This means that users can choose what type of ads they don’t want to see on the network. The reason why it’s important for you to choose your ad title, image and keywords carefully. They should essentially tie up to what people will see when they click on your ad. Facebook has also added a spam notification feature. This means that if a user comes across your post and thinks it’s spam, they can immediately flag your post which can result in the network taking it down.

How to create the best ads on Twitter

Twitter ads are called Twitter cards and allow you to either place it in between news feeds or in the right-hand column.  Since millions of tweets are written daily, it’s important to focus on your visuals for these ads.

Twitter permits you to add multiple posts to your ad. This is great to test what type of posts perform the best. We recommended adding at least three different versions of your ad to maximise clicks.

Below is an example of a great Twitter ad. It’s visually striking and clearly states what you can expect if you click on it.

Image: Twitter

Important things to know

Avoid adding hashtags to Twitter ads as it will distract from your content. You don’t want to risk someone clicking on your hashtag instead of your call-to-action.

How to create the best ads on Instagram

Instagram provides the best opportunity to create visual ads. When creating content on this platform, make sure:

  • You use high-resolution images
  • You keep image text to a minimum or don’t have any text
  • You include a detailed caption

What we have found is that Instagram ads are best for e-commerce companies. Take the ad below. Minimal text with great visuals…and an excellent call-to-action that makes one curious to see what the app can do.

Image: adespresso

Important things to know

Instagram and Facebook are partners, and therefore your ads can show on both networks at any point. You can, however, choose to show the ad on your preferred network, but remember, if you don’t change the setting when creating your ad on Facebook, it will also show on Instagram.

As a general rule, when placing an ad, you must focus your attention on your targeting methods. Target a group that you think need your products/services. This includes demographics, search habits and location. You don’t want to advertise to people in Australia if you’re only servicing South Africans for example. Contact us for more information on how to create compelling social media ads. We can help you!