3 Easy Tips to get better Data for Lead Building

by Phillip Cummings (Data Team Leader)

As the company’s Database Leader, you are in control of absolutely everything when it comes to the database. You are in charge of finding specific leads for a company, making sure every bit of information you gather up is 100% correct and putting that information onto a presentable spreadsheet. You could almost say the Company is on your shoulders as the outcome of your business’s success is dependent on your input on the database. That might sound frightening, but it really is important you know exactly what your role is and the importance thereof.

This brings me to my first tip for anyone who is in the position as Database Leader or Data Miner.
Know exactly what you are looking for when finding leads for companies. It can sometimes be challenging to find leads for a certain industry, but once you really know what you are looking for it is a lot easier. A broad understanding is simply not good enough.

My next tip would be that Google Maps is your friend. It has the most accurate information on a company’s telephone number and street address. Sometimes companies change their telephone numbers or addresses and they have not updated it on their website yet, but you won’t know that until you have looked on Google Maps.

Lastly, make sure all information on your spreadsheet is correct. By this I mean make sure everything is the same font size, all telephone numbers start with 27, for example 27211234567 and that it is telephone numbers and not fax numbers, website addresses start with www and not https://. All this is crucial as your database will not import onto the CRM correctly if these things are not sorted out first.

Keep posted for more great tips from Phillip!