A day in the life of a CIO

CIO Albert

By Albert van Zyl (staff)

First thing s first, what is a CIO?

The CIO or Chief Information Officer plays a key leadership role in the critical strategic, technical and management initiatives — from security and algorithms to customer experience and leveraging data — that mitigate threats and drive business growth.

That is the official description from Gartner when you search CIO, but what does this mean really?

I am going to take you through a typical day, I believe this might shine a better light on what I do and where I fit in SnappSales.

When I start my day, I hold myself accountable to one single goal, to empower the SnappSales family with innovative and easy to use systems, to drive simplicity to help them to the be more successful in their role in the bigger machine.

One of my first actions of everyday is a strategic session with Karen, our co-Founder and CEO. Here we will discuss a particular vertical or section in SnappSales and try and find ways to improve two things, 1. To make it more efficient and,  2. To drive more value to our clients.

We also discuss opportunities to grow the footprint of SnappSales, Sales and Marketing. We understand the importance of constant focus on growth, and driving value. But with growth, comes support structures and systems to support the growth, and direction of SnappSales.

Next on my list is the numbers of the campaigns. I want know how much money we are spending on client campaigns . How our conversion looks like and the amount of sales leads generated for the last 24 Hours.

We will discuss struggling accounts and seek ways to increase conversion and drive more quality leads to our clients.

Now it’s time for the Big and Power SnappSales engine, how to make our machine run more efficient and more predictable. I will find solutions to simplify the life of Snappers, to keep our data centralised and secured, and to plan and prepare for growth.

So there you go, I hope this will help you understand some of the duties and responsibilities of a CIO role.

It is a fun place to operate in, but you need to be able to juggle like a Boss while keeping future growth and strategy in mind. Fun Times!!

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