How to Develop a Winning Sales Attitude!

I’m sure you’ve heard that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration?

Well, in sales, success is 10% inspiration and 90% attitude.

Yes! your attitude can win you more sales!

While a great product and compelling marketing will attract customers, it’s your attitude that will determine whether the customer buys in or not.

This is because people generally buy into an experience, not necessarily the product.

Last week I headed to a nearby supermarket to get a few supplies. I normally don’t talk to the cashiers as they generally have unfriendly attitudes, but on this particular day, the cashier started asking me some questions.

After what was a pretty long and decent conversation, she told me about a special they’re running and asked if I would be so kind to consider it. With no hesitation I took it.

Why did I accept her offer so quickly?

The answer is simple – I bought into the experience. Her positive and friendly attitude compelled me to buy the product.

If you struggle to maintain a winning sales attitude, you’re not alone. Research shows that every salesperson experiences demotivation at some point, and that this reduces productivity by up to 50%.

However, there is something you can do about it. Here are three ways to develop a winning sales attitude:

Visualize Success

Success starts in the mind. You have to see and believe that the customer will buy before you meet them.

When you truly believe that you will close the deal, your attitude changes. You become more relaxed, you smile more and generally engage with your customer better.

This creates a positive experience for the buyer and just like me in the supermarket example, you win!

This is easy if you believe in your product. If you truly believe that your product can make a difference in people’s lives, you can easily visualise success.

If, however, you don’t believe in your product, then you need to evaluate why – maybe it’s not the right fit for you?

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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” – Joseph Addison

Not only does reading increase your learning, but it can also encourage you.

There are many people who sat where you are sitting now, demotivated and wondering whether they will ever make a sale.

These people have written books and articles to help you to overcome these times. Use these books to learn how you can better succeed at sales.

Push yourself to read at least one new book every month. You will find yourself more inspired, hopeful and knowledgeable.

Choose the right people

The saying, “You are who you hang around with” is true. This is because pessimism is just as contagious as optimism.

Aim to spend most of your time with people who generally have a good outlook on life. Often times these are the people who smash their targets every month.

Finally, remember it takes practice. A healthy mental attitude does not come overnight and it will take some effort on your part to develop it.

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