Does Blogging Help Your Business? New 2017 Data

If you’re not checking your analytics and you’re not analysing it, it’s difficult to tell whether blogging provides a direct positive influence on your revenue. On the positive side, for the past four years, Orbit Media Studios have studied over 1000 bloggers to get an insight into how blogging affects their business.

No doubt the results varied; but there was a clear takeaway:

“Bloggers are reporting stronger results from content marketing,” says Orbit Media’s co-founder Andy Crestodina.

“When asked to report on the effectiveness of their efforts, almost 30% of respondents reported ‘strong results.’ The vast majority of bloggers are seeing rewards from their efforts and meeting their goals, whatever they might be.”

The study looked at three categories:

  1. Changes in the blogging process
  2. Blog content trends
  3. The promotion and measurement tactics business bloggers employ

For this post, we’ll focus on number three: The promotion and measurement tactics business bloggers employ.

The promotion and measurement tactics business bloggers employ

In this section, Orbit Media asked three questions:

  1. How is your content typically promoted?
  2. How often do bloggers check analytics?
  3. Are bloggers driving results?


We can see that bloggers are increasing their promotional efforts. Perhaps this is to soar above the crowd – considering there are many more blogs now, but what’s more interesting is that bloggers are choosing paid promotion more and more.

If we look only at the growth of each method of promotion, the rise in paid promotion is even clearer (see below).


Here are the key findings regarding promotion:

  • Paid promotions have increased almost 5x since 2014.
  • 1 in 4 bloggers collaborate with influencers.
  • Almost two-thirds of bloggers pay attention to SEO.
  • 42% of bloggers don’t use email marketing.

The study also found that bloggers got the best results using influencer marketing and paid services. This is not surprising because paid promotion gets your product in the market very quickly.  With the right keywords and content, you can show your Ad right in front of people who are looking for it.


Perhaps another reason paid promotion is successful is because it’s not as popular as social media for example. Many businesses choose free advertising over paid advertising, and therefore sites like Facebook and Twitter are inundated with free content. If you choose paid promotion, your content quickly moves up to the top of people’s feeds and everything else is in the background.

So, does blogging help your business?

Based on this report blogging does have a positive effect on one’s business. Almost 30% of respondents said that their blog delivers strong marketing results. About 53% said that their blog delivers some results, and only 16.7% were either not sure or were negative about their experience with blogging.

Apart from this, we have seen a great ROI on our client’s businesses. Many of them go from not having any leads to having a nice influx of quality leads. If there’s any kind of promotion you should participate in, it is paid promotion.

Let us know, what type of promotional methods do you use for your business?

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