Email Marketing Tips for a Compelling Campaign

The truth is, everybody’s inbox is overflowing with newsletters, campaigns and offers. Every email you send to a potential customer is a form of marketing, and learning ways to create an email campaign that transfers views into clicks is important. Here are 10 email marketing tips for a compelling campaign:

1.  Make subscription opt-ins easy

Make it easy for people to subscribe and unsubscribe to your campaigns. Send a “welcome” email to all subscribers and request them to add you to their address book. If your subscribers are not in your address book, your emails could be flagged as spam.

2.  Let them know when to expect a post

Let people know what to expect when they subscribe to your campaigns. Also, make sure you include the frequency of emails they should be receiving. If you send out your newsletter on a daily basis, include that in the subscription form as well.

3.  Personalise your email

Use your name in the “from” address to personalise the email. Also, write as if you are writing to a good friend, without being too informal.

4.  Include a call to action

Tell readers exactly what you expect them to do next, and remind them why it’s in their best interest to buy.

5.  Understand the spam rules

Familiarise yourself with spam rules and never spam your readers. To give your readers peace of mind, include a note in the subscription form that you will not spam their accounts.

 6.  Use power words

Use persuasive words that evoke emotion and get your readers to buy in. Remind them of what they stand to lose if they don’t buy into your offer. One power word is the word “you”. This word points a finger directly at the reader and compels them to think about what you’re saying.

7.  Include social media share buttons

To increase your readership even more, add social media share buttons. If a reader is wowed by your campaign they will be sure to share it with their network.

8.  Improve your layout

Have an eye-catching subject to entice readers to view your email. Structure your email so that it is neat and easy to read. Include bullet points where necessary. Summarize content. Insert clear links to your website.

 9.  Test your campaign

Make sure to test how your campaign looks on all devices before hitting the “send” button. Review spelling many times over as well. A campaign with errors will likely be discarded and cause people to unsubscribe.

10. Track your statistics

Track your statistics to see the campaign success rate. This can help you to have a better idea on what interests your readers.