Frustrated with Underperforming Sales Staff? Here’s Our Solution

For many decades, Herb Greenberg, Harold Weinstein and Patrick Sweeney conducted a study on sales performance. They used real data from various companies and concluded that:

  1. 55% of sales people should be doing something else for a living;
  2. Another 20-25% have the skills to sell, but they should be selling something else

These statistics have alarmed many business owners and some have even stated that working harder to turn underperforming sales staff into top achievers has proven to be counter-productive.

If you are struggling with an underperforming sales staff, there is another alternative – outsourcing. Outsourcing allows you to contract out certain services to another provider while maintaining control over your business.

Here, at SnappSales, we believe that value is driven by building lasting relationships, and that for a business to be sustainable, it needs a constant supply of quality leads.

We understand that we deal with people, not machines. We chat our way to an appointment, we don’t use scripts, we hate scripts, you hate scripts, your prospects hate scripts.

What are the key benefits of our service?

  1. You don’t have to spend time and money recruiting sales people as we do that part of the sales function for you;
  2. We effectively profile your customers so that you only receive qualified appointments;
  3. A professional representation of your brand to potential customers;
  4. A bird’s eye view on potential customers who are already prepared to buy and do not require a lot of persuading.

 We use five proven steps:

Step 1 : Defining outcomes and goals.

Step 2 : Pre-work by preparing information for our skilled team and getting to know your company, culture and people better.

Step 3 : Our skilled team reaches out to prospects and establishes relationships in order to secure quality appointments.

Step 4 : The process of nurturing and cultivating the prospect begins. We nurture the lead by effectively listening, evaluating their needs and providing the best possible solutions to those needs. We make every effort to prevent your lead from growing cold at any point in the sales cycle and work to move each lead further along in the funnel.

Step 5 : We then set up an appointment inviting all parties and we handle all confirmations as well as reminders to make sure that all parties are in attendance.

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