How to be a great Chief Operating Officer


By Martinique Ross (Staff)

I am the COO of SnappSales. I am here to drive and lead the processes of the vision of the CEO.

I work efficiently and with structure and passion to improve the health of our business with my leadership and operational skills. I incorporate this with a joint effort from my team with innovative ideas to allow for growth in the company, by executing those ideas in a dynamic way that adds value and maintains the ease of change.

As COO I am extremely strategic in my approach, I always have complete focus to detail. I am always team driven, feeling overwhelming pride of the talent of the individuals within the team, not only for their growth in the company but on their personal goal growth.

As a Chief Operating Officer, I am responsible for ensuring that the strategic vision of the business translates into profitable operations as I am a data-driven creature. I work hard to provide and maintain the longevity of the business, what we stand for and the foundation that we have built. Execution is key, but I am conscious of constant work that is needed to ensure that I bring the vision and the processes together. My attributes such as determination of my role as well as the clarity of what this entails, but most importantly being able to motivate and inspire all those that surround me as this will only fuel the profitability of a long standing business with the strength of the right channels.

Here are three points to be mindful of:

  1. Keep to the workings and efficiency of all policies and procedures set
  2. Be detailed in thought when making decisions that affect your company and your team.
  3. Always keep the communication open on all levels to create a safe, motivated and trusting environment

Remember you are here to Manage, improve and maintain all processes with constant effort of alignment. The only way to achieve that is with support and communication, keeping to the mission, vision and values of the business.