How Sales Conversion Looks for An IT Company

by May 2, 2017Lead Generation, Sales

How Sales Conversion Looks for An IT Company

Lead generation differs from industry to industry and from target market to market. I will take it further and say that it also differs from company to company. Justifiably so because each company has its own way of doing business. There are, however, best practices in each industry that can help you to generate more leads.

Where do IT companies find the best leads?

Someone once asked this question on Quora and the answers were quite interesting. For those of you who don’t know, Quora is a questions and answer platform that allows real people to answer your questions. For this particular question, answers varied. Some companies said that they found Leadlander to be effective, while others said that LinkedIn is still their most profitable lead generation tool.

From the varied responses to the Quora question, it is clear that lead generation is unique to each company. You’ve got to find what works for you.

With that being said, let’s discuss the most popular methods:


Leadlander is a lead generation tool that enhances the ROI of your inbound and outbound marketing automation efforts by showing you which website visitors are responding to your online campaigns. This is regardless of which browser or device your visitor is using.

However, users have expressed that it is often difficult to identify who has visited your site with complete accuracy.  Alternatives to this are LeadzGen and


Josie Abrahams, a sales and marketing professional for over 15 years vows that LinkedIn is the best way to get leads in the IT industry. She says:

“The best lead generation source for the IT industry for me has to be LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn is probably the best source for most B2B targets, because that is where most of the professionals are.

I feel that LinkedIn only gets you so far though; it’s quite restrictive, and by that, I mean there is no simple way to get in touch with people like in mass.

I use a great tool called that actually pulls corporate email addresses for you. It has been built to be an all in one system, so prospecting, email automation and CRM, although the CRM isn’t great. That being said, I don’t think it’s meant to be because they have told me they’re going to be integrating with other CRM’s soon so…

Anyway, if you use LinkedIn as your source of finding prospects, and then pull them into a tool like, you’re then able to get in touch with people in mass. So pulling people from LinkedIn page by page from the advanced people search results, then finding all of their corporate emails, then assigning them all to an email automation drip, doing a mass personalized send, and then waiting for your leads.”

So start connecting, get the conversation flowing and utilise tools to convert the lead to a client

Cold emails

Cold emails still work well in the IT industry and do not require many resources. All you need is a tool to gather email addresses.

Other IT companies have said that they prefer using the following four tools:

  1. ly
  2. Salesloft
  3. Salesintelligent
  4. Hunter

These tools work pretty much the same. You download email addresses from any web page and extract them to a CSV or excel file. Once you’ve extracted the email addresses, you:

  • Send automated marketing emails
  • Set up appointments with interested prospects
  • Close leads
  • Provide after sales support

Remember to send industry-specific messages. If you can’t ‘speak their language’ so to speak, don’t expect to close a sale.

Other tools

According to Wiki, these are best tools to gather leads in the IT industry:

  • Unomy
  • SalesRipe
  • DiscoverOrg
  • RainKing
  • Mattermark
  • Datafox
  • Insideview
  • Avention
  • datanyze
  • Data .com

We recommend that you try these tools and find out what works best for your company.

How to convert IT leads into sales?

Like other industries, an IT company will create adverts, landing pages, blogs and posts to attract their target audience. The difference will obviously be which platforms you use and which hooks you use to convert these leads into sales.

The best methods are:

  • Offering a free trial. Your software may be perfect, but nobody will take a chance on it if they can’t test it first. Give your prospects a trial period so that they may grow to love your software and hopefully purchase it after the trial has expired. This is by far the most popular method to convert leads into sales in this industry.
  • Give a free IT guide. This method is not as successful in converting leads as the previous method, but it is still something all IT companies should do. It allows you to gather email addresses of potential future clients. Once you have built an email list, you can start sending marketing emails to this list and hopefully convert the leads into sales.
  • Personalising messages. You want to make sure that each lead feels special like they’re the only lead you’re talking to. Therefore, make sure that messages are personalised to the individual you’re sending them to.