How to Apply the Compound Effect in Sales

Darren Hardy’s self-help book, “The Compound Effect” has transformed businesses and leaders through its simple message: Make a habit of making the right choices daily.

Every so often the sales industry makes us feel that the road to success is difficult or unattainable. We lose a sale or a client and it seems like our efforts are not producing adequate results.

Hardy explains that we fail because we see success as a big goal instead of small attainable goals. He says that success starts with choices, which become habits and ultimately leads to the “Big Mo”.

Imagine as a sales executive you want to close a certain number of deals at the end of the year.  Mapping out the plan on how you will achieve it with small attainable goals can get you to your main goal.


“Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE” – Darren Hardy

Everything you have achieved in your life is due to the choices you have made. Each choice you make in your life leads you to a result. Make the right choices and in time you will reach success.

Most of our choices are made unconsciously and the biggest challenge is to pay more attention to them so that we can change them.

The solution is to consider the pros and cons of making any decision before you make them, even if you think it’s just a simple choice.  Often it’s not the big choices, but the simple choices that derail us.


We all have habits in life, some leading us to the path of failure without us knowing it. A simple example is the habit of procrastination. You know you have follow-up calls to make by the end of the week but because you still have three days to go you leave it all to the last day.

On the last day, an emergency comes up and you find yourself not having made your follow-up calls.

By the end of the month, you find yourself not reaching your sales goals – all because you cultivated a simple habit of leaving your to-do list to the last minute.

Certain habits are far more complex than this, but the principles are nevertheless the same. Formulate habits that will ultimately lead you to success.

Here are five common habits of successful people:

  1. They plan their days in advance
  2. They spend time with people who challenge them
  3. They get things done as soon as they can
  4. They’re always learning
  5. They practice self-improvement

To eliminate bad habits, Hardy suggests the following:

  1. Identify what triggers them
  2. Remove all the triggers
  3. Look for ways to swap it for something else
  4. Take small steps to change

The “Big Mo”

Finally, once you have cultivated good habits, it creates a snowball effect of success. Hardy calls this the “Big Mo”.

By developing good daily habits, you can “multiply your success one simple step at a time”

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