How to Get More Leads for Your Business

Have you hired sales reps, sent out brochures, posted on social media but are still not getting the leads you were hoping for? Perhaps you need an expert. In this blog, we will discuss why a DIY approach to lead generation is not working and what you should do to rectify it.

If you’re like most, you want your website to generate leads, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

Inbound lead generation is when you connect with prospects via a piece of content that you’ve put out. Whether that be a blog, social media post or website page.

Outbound lead generation is when you contact prospects that may or may not have heard of you. This involves telemarketing and cold calling. A good lead generation strategy contains both methods. If you’re solely focusing on getting leads from your website and you’re ignoring telemarketing, you may not get the best results.

Why Companies suck at lead generation

Most companies fail at lead generation because they cannot identify a quality lead from a bad quality lead. They waste their time chasing prospects that will never engage nor purchase from them. Other reasons companies fail at lead generation:

  • They don’t understand their target market
  • They fail to nurture and cultivate leads
  • They lack the right wording and creativity to entice their target market

If words such as inbound, outbound and segmentation don’t make sense to you, you’re probably going to need some extra help to get the right leads. Also, if you’re not sure what a lead generation specialist can do for your business, our 90-day sprint was designed for you.

90 Day Sprint – What’s it about?

There are many lead generation specialists who do nothing for your business. They will promise you the world and tie you to contracts but in the end, they do not deliver on those promises. This has led to many companies getting ‘burnt’ and finally swearing off lead generation specialists.

We are different. We understand that your business may not be a good fit for ours and so our goal with the “90 Day Sprint” is to establish a few crucial factors for success and culture fit.

For 90 days, we test the following:

  • If we will be able to prove ROI for an extended period.
  • If we understand your brand, core message, and that exact pain you solve.
  • If there is a culture fit between you and SnappSales.
  • If you are impressed with our work.
  • Have we really driven enough value to your liking?

We do this through a four-step methodology that we would love to discuss with you. Simply contact us via our contact page and a friendly consultant will speak to you. Here’s our methodology:

1) Brand awareness

This is where we let people know about your brand using whichever method we have discussed and agreed upon. The truth is that all businesses are different and therefore LinkedIn can work for one but Facebook for the other. We, therefore, don’t have a one size fits all policy when it comes to brand awareness.

2) Thought leadership

This is an inbound strategy that we use to improve your brand authority. We create content that your target market wants to engage with and we advertise it accordingly.

3) Sales engagement

Once leads start pouring in, we give you a personal Brand Ambassador who will contact them to ask questions to establish need and fit. If these align, he/she will set up an appointment. Setting up Hot Qualified Appointments is why we are doing this, driving valuable meetings and proving ROI.

4) Continued nurturing

Not all leads are ready to purchase, but research has shown that if a business keeps these leads engaged, they may eventually purchase. We only nurture qualified leads and keep them engaged until they are ready to purchase.

Ready to take your business to a new level? Contact us!