How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Sales Success

In the previous article we mentioned that all companies should improve their presence on social media in order to be more competitive in 2016, see the article here How To Gain A Competitive Sales Advantage In 2016. Today we will expand on that, with ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales success.

LinkedIn has been in existence since 2003, with very slow growth at first, but now in 2016 they are peaking at over 332 million members.  A study has shown that over 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn. Optmizing your LinkedIn profile can make you visible to all these members, and thereafter securing more sales.

For maximum effect you can optimize your LinkedIn profile in the following ways:

1. Profile Picture

Interviewers say that they form an opinion about a candidate in the first 5 minutes of the interview, not because of what the candidate has said, but because of the candidate’s appearance. The same can be said for you.  If you want to generate more sales, you will have to portray a professional image on your LinkedIn profile.

A clear picture from the waist up works best. Look cheerful but assertive.

2. Headline and Experience

What potential clients see next to your profile picture is your headline. You want to optimise your headline so that it attracts clients to view your profile. A headline should be clear, catchy and summarise what you can offer.

The rest of your profile should list your experience in detail. This is an opportunity to brag about what you can do so that potential clients are comfortable to conduct business with you.

3. Articles

You can use LinkedIn Pulse to publish articles that are relevant to your market. When you publish a post, all your connections are notified, and it appears on your profile. The more you publish unique and relevant articles, the more you get noticed on LinkedIn.

4. User Settings

Your profile needs to be visible to the public. Edit your settings so that search engines are able to list your profile.

You should also consider creating a  custom URL to something more searchable like your name.

5. Company Profile

You might have your own personal LinkedIn profile, however, ensure that you create a company profile as well. Potential clients should be able to see what you offer, read company news, and participate in discussions through this profile.

6. LinkedIn Groups

Building a network is key to obtaining more leads. Join groups and participate in the group discussions. These groups will appear on your profile, and will give potential clients a view of your interests.


When looking to optimize your LinkedIn leads, aim to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you can solve problems. These are the questions that a potential clients wants answered before he/she makes the first contact with you.