How to Use Humour to Write Better Emails

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How to Use Humour to Write Better Emails

Have you ever read an email that had nothing to do with you, but you just kept reading because it grabbed your attention? That’s the effect of writing great emails! Because prospects receive countless emails in their mailbox daily, the only way to stand out and make sure that your email is not only opened but read takes skill, unconventional writing and creativity.  One way to grab attention is by using humour.

How to Use Humour in Emails Effectively

Most people shy away from using humour as they’re not certain of how readers will perceive it. We have found, however, that humour works every time. The reason is that when people read their emails, they’re most likely stressed out and do not expect something to release their stress. When they come across your humorous email, they may smile or laugh, which tends to release chemicals in the brain that helps them make more positive decisions.

If you’re going to use humour in your emails, it’s important to know your audience, otherwise, this could easily go pear-shaped. Find out all you can about their demographics, their interests, their favourite sports teams and more so that you can add an element of ‘fun’ in your emails. Refrain from jokes about religion, race or politics.

Hire a writer or content creator to write humorous emails for your audience. Here’s an example of how adding humour to emails can improve reply rates:

We came across this amazing experiment by a company called They offer HR & Benefits Software to companies with 100-500 employees. After sending their initial welcome email to prospects, they realised that they were not getting the open and click-through rates that they wanted. That’s when they decided to give humour a shot.

The image below shows the exact follow-up email they sent to their email list.



According to the company, they received 2X more replies on this humorous email than with their standard text-only, boring email. Here are the results below:


One other important element of writing better emails is your subject line. You may have great email content, but if the user is not enticed by the email subject, your emails will not even be opened.

We recommend that you make the subject line just as interesting as the email itself, without taking away from the overall purpose of the email. This means that you shouldn’t write subject lines that can be flagged as spam.

What are spam subject lines? Those that include the words:

  • Free
  • Buy
  • Order now
  • Clearance
  • Cash
  • Make money
  • Bets price
  • Affordable
  • Cheap

Do you catch my drift? These kinds of emails automatically go into reader’s spam boxes which could be the main reason for your low email open rates.

The best thing you can do is to align your email subject to the email contents. For example, in the example above, they used the subject line: “So call me maybe?” You could also use: “I haven’t heard from you, is everything okay?”

Where to Find Humorous Inspiration

By now, you’re wondering where to find good, witty and clean humour to add to your emails. The answer is EVERYWHERE. You may be listening to the radio and hear a great punchline or reading another article online that sparks your creativity.

Alternatively, here are other sources of inspiration:

Your best bet is still to hire a content creator or writer. By using a professional, you will make sure that you don’t cross the line from humorous to disrespectful.

Lastly, here are the dos and don’ts of adding humour to emails:

  • Do keep it clean and avoid swearing or derogatory words
  • Don’t add humour to every email
  • Do run your email by a trusted friend or colleague first
  • Do add images to help readers visualise your humour
  • Do create shareable memes with your company name and logo on it

SnappSales writes great content for clients worldwide. We can add a touch of humour to your long-winded, boring emails that don’t get read. Give us a call or email us today.