How Can You Add Personality to the Sales Process?

The sales process is pretty interesting. Businesses spend thousands of hours trying to convince people that they’re not robots, they’re lovable and interesting, but unfortunately, many times their audience doesn’t buy it.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop what you’re doing, it just means that perhaps your approach to being “relatable” needs to change.

What makes a brand or person relatable?

“Able to be related to: possible to understand, like, or have sympathy for because of similarities to oneself or one’s own experiences.” -Merriam-Webster

The bottom line is that humans relate to and connect with other living beings. There is no bot that can take the place of authentic human interaction. However, not all companies have billions of dollars to invest in the human element. Therefore, in this blog, we will teach you how a brand can become more personable without having to get rid of the bot.

1)   Feature your staff

Stock images and videos are getting overrated. If you use these, know that a thousand other websites are doing the same. Imagine how much cooler it would be to have your staff feature on your website instead?

You can find time to take pictures of your staff for blog posts, social media pages and other content on your website. You can also use your blog to feature your staff’s experiences.

Showing the real people behind your business builds relatability with your audience. Actually, studies have found that companies who feature their staff in their content build a more loyal customer base than those who don’t.

Don’t be afraid to put names and faces to content. The traditional methods of sales are getting boring for most.

2)   Turn employees into fans

If your employees are not proud of saying they work for you, then why would random strangers purchase from you?

Turn your employees into fans so that they may promote you to their circles. You can do this by sending out email marketing campaigns to your employees (just like you would to clients) about different things they can promote on their social media feeds.

3)   Give back to the community

Getting into the community and putting faces to your brand is a good way to build trust. If you have local events happening around you, mobilize your staff members to get involved. Most companies will run a marathon or walk for a cause to promote their brand. They will wear gear branded with their company information to let strangers know who they represent. If people sense the friendliness from their staff, they can get some loyal customers. You can do this too as it’s a great way to create a personable brand.

4)   Freebies and thank you’s

Let’s admit, everyone likes a good freebie. Studies have found that small gestures such as freebies result in repeat orders and happy customers.

If you don’t have the budget for freebies, you can send out cards which you can create for free using tools such as Even a weekly quote will do the trick. In the end, it’s the thought that counts.

5)   Get into storytelling

Storytelling is still the number one method to become relatable. When a story resonates with somebody, they are more likely to click an AD or purchase an item.

Get into storytelling! Share your triumphs, failures and life lessons through your blog so that people may connect with you.

6)   Focus on the client

Don’t always look to make a sale but rather focus your attention on helping a client. Too many salespeople are pushing for sales and unfortunately, this shows through big time.

Use “We” less and more “You” in your email marketing campaigns.

7)   Humanize your content

The average blog post sounds so generic. If you had to put these blog posts against a Wikipedia page, there would be no difference. Stating the facts is one thing, but it’s another bringing your own take to it. Consider the many blog posts there are about succeeding in sales for example. There is really nothing new about the sales process. Sales is sales is sales. But the only way you can change the way people see sales is to humanize your content.

Write the way you speak. Don’t search for fancy words to add to your content just to sound smarter and more professional.

If you like to tell jokes when you meet clients, add some of that humour to your content too!


Becoming a “cool” salesperson is doable. Remember to be yourself and let your audience into your world. Hiding the people behind your business only makes it more difficult for you to sell your products. Lastly, share your experiences such as what you did over the weekend or how you triumphed over failure. People love that kind of stuff. All in all, just keep calm and become relatable.