Landing Page vs Website: Which is the best for your business?

If you’ve heard the term “landing page” been thrown around by sales and marketing agencies, and you have no idea what it’s purpose is, you’re not alone. Many organisations have not tapped into the benefits of a landing page. To help you, we will go through the basics of landing pages versus websites.

What’s the difference?

A website is a fully-fledged hub for your company information and offerings. On your site, customers can:

  • Learn more about you
  • Navigate to other pages
  • Contact you for a quote or request more information
  • Follow you on social media
  • Follow your blog or newsletter

But, as you can see, a website has too much information. If a customer had to land on a website that offered over four services, they would get confused. Where do they start? Which product do they want? How much does it cost?

All these questions may be “blurred” in a site inundated with information, causing customers to get side-tracked.

A landing page can help you to attract customers to one specific product that you want to focus on in your business. If you’re selling shoes and clothes, you can pick only the clothing line to advertise to the general community, and have only those interested in that line contacting you through the landing page.

It contains minimal design, optimised for conversion. This means that your page should have an end goal, either sign ups or purchase of the product. No distractions or links to other pages!

A landing page serves four purposes:

  1. Orientation
  2. Education
  3. Introduction
  4. Call-to-action

Benefits of a landing page

  • Optimised for conversion (signups, growing lists, event management, and selling books or other material)
  • Helps you to focus on a specific niche and monitor interest in that niche
  • The lack of links and other distractions help customers to navigate through your information easily

In short, landing pages are good to use in conjunction with your main website. Use your website as the hub for information about your company, and landing pages for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Are you using landing pages?  Let us know below!