How to motivate your sales team to find better leads

A highly motivated team is at the crux of the success of your business. Sales reps are the ones in constant communication with your clients, if they are demotivated you will see it in your profit margins. It’s no secret that business owners have developed strategies to keep their sales team motivated, likewise, you can use the same methods to motivate your team.

A motivated sales team starts with the company culture. You as a business owner is responsible for setting the tone within the organisation. You can set the tone through the Company Code of Ethics, communications and staff meetings. The message should go from the top to the bottom and new employees should learn about your culture during onboarding.

Another sure way to motivate your sales team is to host competitions between staff members. Most organisations award the employee who made the most sales, but that’s not a clear indication of motivation. Someone could do little work and land a big deal, while another works extremely hard, but only gets small deals. Reward the individual who worked harder rather than the individual who made the most sales. You can leave sales rewards in the salary and commission structure.

The next way to motivate your sales team is to acknowledge the work they do for you. I have worked with so many business owners in my consulting days and found they had no idea of what their employees had to do to get the work done. They see a final report on their table with no interest in the back office work that went into it. Don’t be that type of business owner! Let your employees know that you appreciate what they do for you.  If you make them feel important they will be more motivated to do their work.

Another way to motivate your sales team is to offer a nice package, and by package I mean salary. Pay your sales teams based on the income they generate for your business and you will see them working harder to achieve their targets.

Finally, mentor your sales team. It’s natural for individuals to be demotivated at times, but negativity is like a wild fire, it spreads so quickly within the office and leaves you wondering how it all started. Don’t allow demotivation to spread within your organisation, rather mentor each individual so that you can pin-point where the negativity is coming from.

Of course, if you’re not skilled in motivating other people you could always outsource this function. For more sure-fire ways to motivate your sales team, book a free consultation with us here.

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