Never Lose a Sale: Learn How to Prepare for Client Meetings!

When a sales representative loses a sale because a client is just not interested in the brand, that’s okay. But when it happens because they were unprepared, that’s a different story!

Preparation is key when meeting a client and whether you’re meeting at your offices, coffee shop or the client’s home, the preparation steps are pretty much the same.

Here are key questions to answer:

Where am I meeting the client?

Make sure you actually schedule the appointment in your calendar. Goes without saying right?

Well, you will be surprised at how many sales representatives put down the phone after a glorious discussion with a client and as excited as they are to land a meeting, they forget to schedule the appointment in their calendars.

To avoid this, what I do is I open up the calendar as I’m speaking to the client and send a meeting request right away.

Once you’ve scheduled the meeting, make sure you book the venue if need be. The last thing you want to have is to show up at a venue when it’s closed or full and you’re without a booking.

Another fine trick is to have an alternative venue planned just in case the first option falls through. Things happen and you need to be prepared to continue with the meeting in those situations.

How much do I know about this client?

You’ve set up the meeting and secured the venue, now you need to prepare your presentation. But before you prepare your presentation, you need to know who you’ll be meeting with exactly.

Not knowing what your client does is an absolute rookie mistake you can avoid with ample research.

Find out what their business is all about. Not only should you understand what they do, you should also understand what problems they are facing so that you can better service them.

It also helps to read up on the industry and find facts to drop at the meeting. This will impress the client and let them know that you’re serious about their business.

If you can answer these five questions, you’re well on your way to meeting success:

  • How long have they been in operation?
  • In summary, what products are they selling?
  • Who their competitors are and what they are doing?
  • What are the problems the client needs to be solved?
  • What have they been posting on social media and their website lately?

Do I have the right material for the meeting?

A few months ago I met up with a Life Insurance Consultant as I was interested in taking out the best life insurance policy. It all went well until he showed me outdated material.

His marketing material dated back to two years back and his excuse was he keeps the folder in his office and just grabs it when he has a meeting. Other clients may not have noticed and hence he managed to carry it for so long, but for me it was a deal breaker.

I figured that someone who doesn’t take the time to personalize marketing material for me does not deserve my time OR money.

It’s always nice to see a neatly prepared presentation tailored for you. As human beings, we like to feel important and that personal touch will surely impress.

Lastly, prepare for objections the client may have. Once you’ve laid your terms on the table it is highly likely that the client will object to certain points you make. Preparing upfront will put you in a better position to land the deal.

Once you have prepared for the meeting, do make sure:

  • You have an objective for the meeting; are you going for the sale, a follow up meeting or just an introduction?
  • You are motivated and confident
  • You are punctual
  • You’re well dressed

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