Objectives faced as a database leader and how to overcome them:

By Phillip Cummings (Staff)

One of the most crucial assets you need for the position of Database Leader is time management. Clients are waiting for you to compile a database for them and you therefore need to be on top of things. You cannot and should not keep them waiting.

I have a To Do List which I follow. This keeps me organized and I can clearly see what work needs to be done. More often than not, I am always one step ahead. By this I mean that I am one day ahead of deadlines. If a client is wanting a database on the 10th of the month for example, I get it done by the 9th. This way, you will always be ahead of things and have a good, constant work flow. This helps out the business a lot and also gives off a very good impression on not only yourself, but the business you represent.

Another objective I face as Database Leader is that work can get monotonous. Once you are in that mind set it can be challenging to get work done, because you feel you are doing the same thing over and over and therefore become lazy.

How I overcome this is by stepping back a bit. Take a breather. The best thing to do (and I swear by this) is to exercise.  The increased blood flow from exercising benefits your brain, allowing it to almost immediately function better. You then start to feel more focused. Exercising regularly will promote the growth of new brain cells and helps boost memory and learning. You will then want to get work done and overall just feel really energized.

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