How To Overcome The Challenges Faced With The Recruitment Process


By Martinique Ross (Staff)

I have found that one of my challenges have been finding the correct Brand Ambassadors. Attracting, developing, and retaining quality talent has become so much more costly than ever before. A planning initiative can go a long way and will filter through to lower costs on recruitment and compensation costs.

This however does take more time and effort on my part putting finer detail to matching of Brand Ambassadors not only to my Clients but to the future direction of SnappSales. I have had to be intricate with the filtering process when working through CV’s.

Objections that are faced daily with this filtering process are putting further limits to already limited resources within the company. But having such a dynamic team it has capitalized on the talents that are already available.

Growth and development within the company do count in our favour in comparison to most companies offering Brand Ambassador Positions. But again, most applicants are looking for a quick fix with an instant 5 digit salary. I have found that taking your time and “coaching” each applicant with their wants and needs and aspirations work out better. Yes, it is a timeous process, but keeping the initiative and long term direction of the company in mind, will pay off in the long run.

What I have found to work is start promoting internally and then work your way outward. Not only are you increasing the drive and motivation in your team but the company becomes a lot closer knit, which in turn brings the Company’s long term goals that much closer to reality. Happy motivated staff motivates and project that happiness onto others and that domino effect is what you need when you are a remotely based company.

External candidates have to prove themselves. They have to understand the company’s long term goals and align them with theirs. That takes coaching and understanding – which again, takes time.

What I have realised is that nothing Great is rushed and those that are meant for your journey, align themselves but all at the time it’s meant to happen.

Patience and a formidable team get you through times like these which make the wait sweeter.

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