Presentation Skills [Series] Part 3 : Focus on the delivery

When preparing your presentation pay attention to your delivery skills rather than the details.

What has the most impact when delivering a speech? According to studies 55% of your body language (what you as the presenter does) has more impact than your tone of voice (38%) and your words (7%) combined.

A well prepared and confidently delivered speech will be more memorable than a complicated story with no end in sight.

Remember to keep your slides concise and very much to the point. The idea is to talk around your slides. You will have the opportunity to share detailed follow up information via email, or the intranet after the presentation. Here colleagues can pick up any additional information you would like to share.

When preparing your slides remember that “less is more”. Keep the information relevant, legible and do use spellcheck for grammar and other spelling gremlins!

In order to maintain a calm and non-stressed demeanor before the presentation, find out exactly where the venue is and how long it will take to get there.  Being late will cause you undue stress and anxiety.

Getting early to the venue offers benefits of allowing you to chat with fellow attendees over a cup of coffee while your nerves settle. Be positive and tell them that you are excited about what you’re about to share in your presentation.

Your 3 takeaways:

  1. Remember to keep the content concise and slides to the point.

  2. Focus on how you will deliver your story, the details are in the message.

  3. Offer your audience the opportunity to learn more by sharing post-presentation information.

[Credit goes to David Beckett]