What is required of an Admin Manager?


By Lynda Wessels (Staff)

Good administration systems is an essential part of running your organisation effectively and smoothly.

Top Three Tips:

An admin manager must be organised and detail-orientated in order to run day-to-day operations. Good record keeping of important documents and day-to-day records are to be kept. A well-ordered filing system together with meticulous record-keeping go hand in hand. A little extra time spent each day keeping meticulous records is really worth the effort be it digital and / or a printed document. I personally opt for both as sometimes a hard copy may make more sense.

An admin manager must keep up to date on developments in the business and office environment. This makes sense as you may well be the go to person when staff and / or clients have certain questions and queries.

An admin manager must have a positive and welcoming environment  in the office. Systems and tools is essential in order to ensure good communication in the office.  This definitely helps towards the smooth running of the organisation  be it liaising with a client or staff member. It sets the correct professional tone so to speak.

Other duties but not limited to of an admin manager :

An office administrator serves a team of people, keeping records of their vacation days, sickness, attendance and absence. It makes sense to have a proper digital tracking system for this as well as hard copies for staff files. Other duties include ordering stationery, keep track of invoices, purchase orders and receipts and maintain  the condition of the office. Frequently, the office administrator also acts as the personal assistant to the head of department. Yes this is indeed so!