Explore our inner workings and well thought out methodology specifically designed for creating qualified interest in Salesforce opportunities

Ultimate sophistication lies in simplicity, and our value proposition is simple:
We have developed our methodology to support the need of business growth through quality lead generation and developing quality sales opportunities.

To allow for our successful and strategic methodology our approach is designed around the five absolutes for SDR’s doing Lead Generation in Salesforce Sales:
Strategy, Awareness, Thought Leadership, Human Touch and Nurturing.


“The businesses’ buying process will involve around 6-10 decision-makers. (Outreach, 2021)”

Our Thought Leadership section ensure shareable content for to make ease of distribution a reality.

We further optimise your sales processes by touching a minimum of 200 new quality and targeted prospects per month versus:

“Majority of sales agents (66.7%) have only reached out to 250 or less prospects within a year. (Sales Insights Lab, 2021)”

Companies excelling at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost – Forrester Research

How about a Zoom meeting with Karen?

Doing Cold Calling Wrong will kill you.

It is brand damaging: 1st impression is an annoying call center agent, with an annoying script (we all know the feeling).
It is scripted: Scripts do not allow for solution based sales, or answers for potential questions your prospects might have.
Zero authenticity: Because it becomes a repetitive task, agents sounds like a robot, with no passion, understanding or emotions.

The foundation of a successful top-of-funnel campaign is a solid positioning strategy. A strategy build around that perfectly balanced secret sauce to communicate the unique value you bring to the table, and how we can use this to attract the right attention, at the right time with the right person.

The next phase is awareness creation. Letting your ideal prospect know about you, why you and why engage with you, and we do all the supporting touch collateral as well. This allows us to engage and get your prospects warmed up towards your brand in a very natural way, without a feeling of being forced to engage with us.

Differentiation through thought leadership will ultimately open the right doors, giving you the best opportunities. We will create well crafted content and strategically distribute the thought pieces to ensure the right eyes sees it, and engage with it. Our distrubution strategy will allow for easy internal distribution at prospect level. Picture this, would you rather engage with thought leaders, or just a random company in the industry?

We will use Phase 1 & Phase 2, clever technology and AI/Machine Learning to identify “Hand Raisers”, these are prospects who’s online behavior indicates interest in your brand or service offering. They will be contacted by your Brand Ambassador to ask qualifying questions to establish need, fit and if they qualify, ultimately to setup a Zoom or Google Meet meeting. Setting up Hot Qualified digital meeting is why we are doing this, driving valuable meetings and the time to help your prospects understand their own needs sooner in the sales cycle.

Nurturing leads to great relationships, great relationships leads to great deals, great deals leads to loyal customers. We understand that not all “Hand Raisers” are ready for the sales meeting, due to trust relationship not quite being established yet, or having current contracts, budget constrains or the pain you are solving is just not big enough. We will cultivate and nurture them with a very strategic education and top-of-mind activities.

Why not DIY your Lead Generation?



Sales lies in numbers. Consistency is Key.

Just to name a few of the very well known sayings, and we all know, when you get busy selling or closing deals (operational “distractions”) you stop doing the ground work.


How much time do you think you really spend on outreach activities every day?

Maybe every month?

When you get busy with actual sales or operations, you don’t have time to hunt for prospects.


We will allow you to focus on your core strengths, while outreach and conversion are our genius areas.

We are in the loop with all the latest trends and methods of conversion, that is why we are the professionals.


When you outsource this function, the responsibility is removed from your shoulders to get results.

We will be accountable for performance and KPI’s, not you or your staff, which negates stress and HR issues.

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