What SnappSales can do for You & Your Business


Have you ever wanted, to just sit back, and let someone else do your work for you?

Well, the time has come! We at SnappSales, have the best equipped Team, to do just that for you!!

We will not only grow your business, but we will build great business relationships for you with great Face-to Face Appointments , and business Introductions.

What do we do ?

Well  we fill your diary with quality Appointments. As easy as that!

We represent your brand in full – from introduction to appointment – so, we are a part of your Team.

We don’t do Scripts, because we like chatting to people , finding out what they want and need , and then give it to them.

At SnappSales we use 5 Steps to start the process of growing your Business


Here we find out, what type of industry you would like to tap into , the Specific Geographical area you would like to contact and just get to know your whole company profile.



Here , our Awesome Dataminer begins to build you Database , Specific to your needs , and prepare it for our SuperStar TeleStar to start the Cold Calling. Here the TeleStar also starts to learn you company Lingo , and your company Culture.



Now, our TeleStar will start the Cold Calling , and outreach to new prospected clients representing your Brand fully . With the Main goal of securing appointments.



Cultivating and Nurturing will now start between the TeleStar and the Key person at the contacted company. Once again building the relationship and trust.



Once our TeleStar has secured an appointment, we will book it in Outlook or Gmail , and invite all the needed parties. With date, time and place. We will also remind you, with a text message to morning of the Appointment.


And that is what we, at SnappSales do, in a Nutshell.

But please, Feel free, go to our Website , and check it out ! Also, schedule a FREE Consultation with Karen, SnappSales Founder & CEO,  and ask all the questions you want to!

On our Website, you will also find the Pricing – and all other information that you may need !

Looking Forward to hear from you!