Why choose SnappSales as your #1 lead generation partner

by Feb 6, 2017Lead Generation, Marketing

Why choose SnappSales as your #1 lead generation partner?

After speaking to business owners, salespeople and entrepreneurs, there was one common problem they faced: They wanted more leads for their business.

With all the call centres and salespeople employed within a company, it may lead one to wonder why they fail to generate enough leads?

The answer is not as difficult as you may think. Organisations have been led to believe solely in the traditional forms of sales and marketing. They were misled into thinking that scripts, call centres and forceful marketing is the way to getting qualified leads.

With technological advancements and millennials driving the market, organisations now realise that they must do away with old ways of thinking and bring in the new!

SnappSales have embraced these changes and employed a different approach to lead generation and marketing. We use strategic inbound and outbound marketing to rebrand marketing strategies and increase sales.

But you may be reading this wondering what does all this mean? To help you, I sat down with SnappSales’ CEO, Karen Wessels, to give you an in-depth idea of what strategic inbound and outbound really means:

Question 1. What makes SnappSales’ different to other lead generation companies?

Our methodology is based on the two Founders’ experience in sales and sales cycles. SnappSales was developed with sales in mind and not merely generating interest.

Question 2. What exactly does strategic inbound and outbound mean?

The difference between traditional inbound & outbound vs strategic inbound & outbound is SnappSales. We have ensured that both marketing models complement each other as opposed to working independently. Instead of just doing cold calling and appointment setting, or just do social media outreach, we have married the two to work harmoniously to get the conversion results we’re looking for.

Question 3. Where can a prospective client find success stories of other organisations who worked with you?

 We have video testimonials on YouTube and a bunch of companies that worked with us on our website for you to view.

Question 4. Which industries do you serve and are you internationally based?

We are proud to say that we have international clients and are plans to conquer the UK market is well on its way. We serve most B2B companies who have complex sales solutions and experience long sales cycles.

Question 5. How can you be contacted?

Google us!