What is the importance of a social media presence for sales people?

by Jan 30, 2017Lead Generation, Sales

What is the importance of a social media presence for sales people?

Does a social media presence impact sales? Let’s take a closer look:

In the year 2016, it was reported that there are 15,90 million users on Facebook, 320 million users on Twitter, 400 million users on Instagram and 100 million users on LinkedIn. It was also reported that 57% of consumers say they’re influenced to think more highly of a company after seeing positive comments or approval online. (source). Therefore, yes, social media provides appropriate sales leads.

Despite these statistics, many businesses and entrepreneurs still fail to prioritise their social media presence.

Why salespeople should use social media

Although social media cannot replace traditional methods of selling, it can be a great source for additional leads. Think about it, how many of your prospective clients are logged in right now on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram casually scrolling through their timelines? Place a sponsored ad in between their timeline feed and you’re sure to be noticed!

“Monetizing your social channels begins when you understand that sales and social are partners” – mention.com

Sales professionals probably already have social media accounts, they’re just not using it for business. If they turn their profiles into business pages they will already have a great network to market to. As we mentioned here, the power of social proof and sharing is what gets buyers through the door.

Case study: A financial advisor uses social media to increase sales

A Financial Advisor has seen growth in his sales with the use of social media. In 2016, the Advisor hired SnappSales to fill his need for an online presence in conjunction with a new branding and marketing strategy to get new leads for his business.

It was apparent that although the Advisor had set up social media pages, they were dormant and stagnant in growth.

When probing further, SnappSales found that the content previously shared on these pages did not gain any engagement nor traction.

With thorough research and analytics, SnappSales:

  • Discovered what his clients wanted and created a friendly persona under a pseudo name
  • Maximised SEO and SMO so that he could be seen by the right audience and increase traffic to his site
  • Created compelling social media posts, blogs and graphics that were informative and made sure that they lead readers to his website
  • Engaged more with his audience daily to retain his old clients while simultaneously attracting new clients.

In this case, social media and an online presence didn’t replace sales activity but enhanced it. The Financial Advisor positioned himself as an expert in holistic financial planning and his following increased.

Now, imagine what will happen in a years’ time? The ripple effect of consistently driving his social media presence will snowball into continuous, viable leads!


Let us know how you use social media to improve your sales!

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