Why soft skills form such an important part of the sales process

“You should be more sociable; we can’t relate to you!” Ever heard these words from a Manager or Leader in your company? Maybe you’re frustrated at these words and wonder why you have to conform to skills that are clearly not your strong points.

Soft skills are general skills that will help you in any job and it is not specific to any industry.
The truth is soft skills are important for any business, whether you deal with customers directly or not. The sales process involves dealing with people, rejections and change, so cultivating your soft skills is very necessary for success.
There are over a dozen soft skills, but here are five main soft skills that are important in the sales process:


No one client is the same and therefore you will find that you will have to adapt to their needs. Also, client’s sometimes change their minds regularly and if you don’t develop the skill of adaptability you will become frustrated. Client’s will see your frustration and cease to do business with you. At the end of the day, you are providing a product or a service to the public and you must adapt to the people your serve.

Problem-solving skills

The ability to receive a problem, unpack it and develop the best solution is essential in the sales process. Products and services are created to solve problems for consumers. You need to have the ability to use your creative side to solve client problems. Sometimes the solution to a problem is not as clear as you might want it and it will require sound reasoning.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to manage one’s emotions is so important. Client’s will push your buttons at times, but you need to realise that you’re in the service industry and your income is determined by your clients. Develop a “The client is King.” mentality so that you succeed in sales.

Communication skills

Dealing with many clients will mean having to do most of the work remotely. With remote work comes misunderstandings and delays. Knowing how to effectively communicate to your client’s will speed up the sales process and give you more time to work on other deals.

Another factor with communication is keeping your clients up to date with your progress. This is an important part of client service that many businesses overlook. A client must feel that they’re the number one priority for your company, and what better way to do that than to keep them in the loop on your progress?

Interpersonal skills

Chances are you will be working in a team and you will have to learn how to get along with them. You might not always agree, but knowing how to relate to, respond to and deal with conflict will help you to succeed in sales.

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