You got this far, so it’s clear you understand the logic of “doing more, while they start doing less”.

We know marketing efforts slows down this time of year, because most people think marketing your business is the same as selling your product or service. Well it’s not. Marketing your business grows trust and brand awareness.

That is exactly why we developed this final marketing push to assist companies like yours to build a solid sales foundation for your 2018 sales efforts.

Why? What is in it for You?

The biggest benefit of using SnappSales this “off-season” is the weight and power of dedicated, targeted and focused marketing with minimal or zero input from your side.

We will use the lack of social activity of your competitors to position your business, create awareness and establish trust on your behalf. While your competition is lazing in the sun at the beach, or standing around the braai, you have a team working for you and promoting you.

+ We will create a high impact, targeted marketing page for you.
Your new marketing page will be designed to complement your current website, proving that you are legit, great at what you do, and a ton of reasons why your prospects should trust and engage with you. (And we take care of driving traffic to your site too 🙂 Score!)

+ We will create thought leadership articles and publish them for you. 12 pieces in total.
We will have our genius content creators write engaging and informative pieces for distribution, making you and your company look really great, and the best part, you don’t even have to give us direction, you only have to approve the content and allow us to do our magic.

+ We will create social posts to promote your content, and marketing page. 36 quality, targeted touch-points.
There will be a constant and automated drip to distribute your posts, and start creating awareness and traffic. We will use 3 unique posts per article to test different approaches and personalities and create top-of-mind activities related to your services or product.

+ We will utilise analytics and big-data to allow for campaign intelligence giving you and us insight for 2018.
Data is the core of all marketing efforts, and to disagree is foolish. We can gather a ton of insights and intelligence that will equip you and all future campaigns to be more targeted making 2018 more efficient and ensuring a much higher ROI for the 2018 fiscal year.

I’m Sold!

How much? What’s the price?

So we promised this once-off, easy to understand price.
How much is it?

+ The better question to ask is how much this is this worth to you?
Your once-off fee includes:

  1. Keyword rich domain
  2. 3 page mini-website or marketing page
  3. 12 quality though leadership articles / blogs
  4. 36 unique and testing social media posts
  5. 3 festive season posts
  6. Campaign strategy session
  7. Campaign design and setup
  8. Analytics and hotspot measuring

+ All great, how much is this amazing package?
R20 000.00 (ZAR)
£ 1 085.00 (GBP)
$ 1 845.00 (AUD)

+ 3 Months of marketing
+ All inclusive pricing
+ No Additional or hidden costs
+ You retain ownership of EVERYTHING

Don’t get left behind, contact us below to discuss your campaign, and any other questions.

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