Tips on How to Build an Effective Email List

Did you know that every year your email marketing database reduces by 22.5%? This is because people’s contact details change over the years and others opt out of your mailing list. You will have to consistently generate new leads to keep your database effective.

Building and maintaining a mailing list is not easy, but here are ways to improve your email list:

Encourage your current list to share your content

People generally need to be prompted to take action. Each time you publish content you should tell your readers what you want them to do after reading the post.

Make opt-in easy. Avoid external links because sometimes they don’t work and you lose potential subscribers.

Host a competition or giveaway

The idea of a free gift can entice almost any person. Host a competition or a giveaway, and make sure the condition of the competition is that entrants should sign up to your mailing list.

Create engaging content

You must make your content shareable. Shareable content begins with a captivating title and keeps the reader interested up to the end where you prompt them to share it with their friends and family. If content is not engaging you will not get shares, no matter how many times you prompt the reader to share it.

Segment your marketing campaigns per persona

People are more likely to click on emails that are targeted at them. Segment your campaigns per persona and get more people clicking on them! You can segment by age, gender, characteristics and more. A campaign going out to teenagers will sound different to a campaign going out to adults for example.

Use social media

Make social media your best friend. You can boost your subscribers with social media sharing and advertising. Always add a call to action button on your social media campaigns linking them back to your opt-in form.

Promote your eBooks

Write an eBook in your niche and promote it on your website and social media. Make it so that your readers will have to sign up to your mailing list before they can download the eBook. Make sure the eBook has good quality content. The worst thing is having people subscribe to receive mediocre content. Not only will you lose the subscriber, but you might also lose a potential customer.

These are all ways to improve your mailing list. Of course, there are many more inbound and marketing strategies you can use. For most, the process of keeping their database fresh is too time-consuming. They prefer to outsource this function to an experienced provider. The provider will manage the entire process and employ a strategy to ensure that you constantly have a supply of quality leads for your business.

If you want to improve your database or just want to learn more about how you can build your database, contact us here!

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