Top 20 Places Where You Can Find Inspiration for Campaigns and Ads

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Top 20 Places Where You Can Find Inspiration for Campaigns and Ads

Every business wants to be competitive. And in this age, competition is so rife that one must use everything at their disposal to outperform the rest. Perhaps you’ve created a few social media ads or are still looking to create them, but you’re not sure how to make them look great and unique?

You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, I’m going to share 20 of the best sources of inspiration for campaigns, ads, social media posts and more. But before we do that, let’s look at what makes a great campaign.

How to create the best AD campaigns

Many industries are now oversaturated with competition from the low-end small shops to the high-end big corporations. The result, perhaps predictably, is you must do something different or offer something of more value to outperform them.

Creating the best AD campaigns, although difficult for the average person, is still possible. I do recommend that you get a creative team on board to help you as things can get messy really quick. Contact SnappSales for more information on creative teams.

First, you want to understand the platforms you will use to publish your work. Understand how it works, how you can select a target audience and whether the platform is right for you. Here’s a blog to help you decide; What are the Best Performing Social Media Platforms to Date?

Once you’ve decided on your ideal platforms, you want to then understand how to use those platforms effectively. Here’s another blog to help you; How to Create the Best Ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

You’re all set to start creating AD campaigns now! Below are 20 of the best sources of inspiration for your campaigns.

20 of the best sources of inspiration for campaigns

Design and Content

If you’re still designing your ads from scratch, there are plenty of tools that can help you to create the best ads. No longer do you have to work off a simple Word or PPT document to develop your creative work. The following seven tools boast great features that can ignite your creative genius:

  1. Canva. Almost everyone I know uses this tool. Although it’s a great tool to use, I have noticed that companies end up with similar-looking campaigns. This is because the templates are so enticing that people feel they want to use them. My advice is to only use their templates as inspiration and to create your own ads.
  2. GetStencil. This is a great alternative to Canva as it has direct sharing capabilities to social media platforms and is integrated with Buffer (a social media scheduling tool). It also has a Chrome extension and Firefox Add on that makes it easier to use.
  3. PicMonkey. This tool is ideal for beginner creatives who get confused with advanced tools like Canva and GetStencil. It helps you to edit your pictures, add logos, text and watermarks, and finally upload instantly.
  4. Piktochart. The Piktochart editor has over 500 professionally designed templates to use. Just like the other tools, you can change the colours, images and texts as you wish.
  5. Indesign. Creatives use this tool to create more complicated designs like book covers, magazine covers, brochures, posters, flyers and newspapers. It’s an all-inclusive tool that connects workflows across photography, design, video, and web and app development.
  6. Snappa. This one is another easy to use tool to create beautiful designs. It’s perfect for your ads, social media, landing page graphics and blogs.
  7. BeFunky. This tool can be used on both mobile and PC. It has three modes; Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Designer.


  1. Pexels. No membership required to access thousands of free images.
  2. Shutterstock. This platform contains some of the best photos in large quantities. Not only that, they have video clips and music as well. Unfortunately, it will come at a cost of $199 per month.
  3. Pixabay. Also, a free platform, it includes all pictures that have ever been released under Creative Commons CC0.
  4. Unsplash. Although you can get free images without signing up, if you do sign up you receive personalised images in your email mailbox.
  5. Getty Images. One of the most popular image resources. They now have an embed feature that allows for free downloads if you’re a non-commercial website or blog.
  6. AllTheFreeStock. You can find images, videos, music, and icons without having to register.
  7. Free Images. Contains a large library of over 300,000 photos.
  8. Free Range Stock. High quality and high-resolution images from in-house photographers.
  9. Lightroom. Many people use this tool to edit their images. Reason being, it can turn a seemingly dull image into a bright and colourful one. You can also retouch your images by removing anything you don’t want to see.


Everyone likes a good laugh. One way to entertain your audience is to use humour in your campaigns. Humour can turn a boring campaign into a fun and interesting one very quickly. Here are sources of inspiration for humour:

  1. Reader’s Digest. This blog/website is a good source for interesting stories and jokes that you can use as an angle for your campaigns.
  2. The Laugh Factory. Here you can find all sorts of jokes and videos in over 20 categories.
  3. Short Funny. Another website for jokes and hilarious one liners that you can use for memes.
  4. Comedy Central. This is also a good source for funny content.