Top 6 Sales Blogs to Follow for the Best Industry Knowledge

by Feb 26, 2017Lead Generation, Sales

Top 6 Sales Blogs to Follow for the Best Industry Knowledge

Sales, sales and more sales! At SnappSales, we live for everything sales related, whether it be blogs, start-ups stories, case studies or more. If you’re a sales professional, reading sales blogs can provide you with tips and tricks to gain more traction. Our blog, for example, has helped many entrepreneurs and business owners change the way they do business to obtain better results. For case studies, drop us an email and we’ll send them to you.

If you’re looking for sales blogs to read, we’ve compiled our list of top six sales blogs to follow for the best industry knowledge below:

1)  HubSpot

Market: This blog caters to sales consultants, their managers, executives and anyone looking to gain valuable sales information.

Topics: From how to prepare for a sale to closing deals, this blog has it all.

Why we love it: Their content is always well researched, well written and up to date with current sales trends. They have contributors like Grant Cordone who have established their expertise in the sales industry and therefore, every blog you read is backed by authentic experience.

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2)  Sales Hacker

Market: This blog focuses on B2B sales and entrepreneurs mostly looking to improve their social selling skills. Not only do they publish blogs, but they have webinars, videos and eBooks as well.

Topics: You will find topics related to outbound sales, social selling and email marketing. Their content is engaging for any level – whether you’re a newbie or an expert in the sales industry, you can learn from this blog.

Why we love it: There is an option for every learning style. If you prefer watching a video over reading text, they can accommodate you.

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3)  SnappSales Blog

Market: The SnappSales blogs have one goal; to help anyone in the sales industry get valuable leads and convert them into sales. We publish blogs and eBooks.

Topics: We discuss everything sales related, from unique ways to spoil your customer to more technical posts.

Why we love it: Our content creators bring a fresh perspective to old topics. If you browse sales blogs, you will find that many of them contain general information. The SnappSales blog aims to differentiate itself from its competitors by bringing fresh and unique posts.

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4)  LeadFuze

Market: Anyone who wants to generate more leads for their business, but doesn’t know where or how to start.

Topics: This blog focuses solely on lead generation. They publish articles on how to do lead generation properly, how to write cold emails, and how to manage your sales pipeline.

Why we love it: Their content is written in a conversational tone with engaging visuals as well as infographics.

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5)  Sales Benchmark Index

Market: Sales teams will learn a lot from this blog.

Topics: This blog focuses on helping sales teams achieve their goals. It also helps the sales and marketing teams to align to each other.

Why we love it: We know that a sales team’s collective effort leads to success, therefore, we love that this blog publishes videos, articles and podcasts to help sales teams succeed as a whole.

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6)  Sales Wars (QuotaFactory)

Market: B2b market, business owners, sales teams and marketing departments looking to accelerate their sales and marketing forecast.

Topics: Sales development perspectives, tips, and stories.

Why we love it: They’re known for publishing sales development strategies to help businesses boost sales. Articles are relatable and written in a conversational manner.

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